Thursday, April 08, 2010


Time for.. not a... but at least TWO fangirl Crisises !

First, really gratuitous :
Would you like some tea ?

Kaya is talking about 893894732894789 unrelated bands on his blog, like if there was a 27318man show.  He named NOIZ, Inugami Circus Dan, Materou Opera and he's mentionning La'Mule too, but I think he's actually talkin about Kon... But I'm not sure at all..
Other than this, there'll be a session band with aie (deadman/the studs), a guy from BABYLON (I don't think it's Misa, but that would be funny as hell XDD) and bass and drum are from Sugar (In other words, the 2 who no one ever cared about since we always noticed only Loki and Sizna and now there's the amber gris dude I can't even remember the name haha...)... And then he's mentionning Moi dix Mois and........... Zoro.  W.T.F.
I wish I could read japanese better than this, right now XDDDD

OH AND.  He wrote something for Hitomi/Kanoma/Sanaka *w*.... And I'm like......... If there's a show with Sanaka and Kaya.............. Oh my EFFIN GEE. SERIOUSLY.  I mean... JASHDJKAHJKSHAS.

So yeah, I'll make a rough translation of this blog entry tonight since now I'm at job....
Anyway, we'll get a better translation on one of these translation communities on LJ...

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