Saturday, February 27, 2010

Water Pokémons much ?

Water → 92
Flying → 68
Normal → 64
Grass → 54
Psy → 51
Ground → 47
Poison → 47
Bug → 45
Rock → 36
Fire → 33
Electric → 28
Fighting → 26
Steel → 25
Dark → 23
Ice → 22
Dragon → 19
Ghost → 18

Ok that I put bird Pokémons only in Flying since the Normal category would have been as overfulled as the water one is...
So they better not to do too much water Pokémons for the fifth generation, seriously...
But they could do more Ice, Fire and Electric Pokémons... Maybe some Dark too... And Fighting for muscles lovers -_-...
I think that Ghost and Dragon should remain the types with the less Pokémons since they're not supposed to be really frequent Pokémons =o

But... COME ON. How come that there's more POISON Pokémons than FIRE Pokémons ?!?!?!? Those poison typed just... Suck. I mean... Really. Poison is strong against nothing ! (But maybe Grass, but I'm not sure... Anyway, like... Most of Grass Pokémons are also Poison typed... Or they are with a second type with isn't weak to poison.) The only good Poison attack is like... Toxic since it poisons your opponent and hurts it as any other attack at the same time, not as Poison Powder and the like @___@ Maybe Sludge Bomb isn't bad either, but still... There's no 100 attack points attacks which is also Poison typed ! è_é (Yeah... I'm really playing offensive... I hate those attacks which just play with the stats -__-... Or in/decrease a type power... Passive attacks, that's what I was looking for. I hate those >_>... It's.... ANNOYING. Fuck you and your fucking Sand Attack, Double Team and every others è_é !!!)
I'm always looking for stronger attacks... At the end of my games, my Pokémons have no attacks under 80... Or almost if I have like... Alakazam or something.... But still, his weaker attack would probably be at 70 or something...
Looking at this and... My favorite types are those with the less pokémons in it... (But Steel and Fighting, I don't like those (but Lucario...) and I don't specially affectionate electric Pokémons... And... well... Dark Pokémons maybe look cool and badass (but those skunks -__-) but they're kinda weak... Unless it's Spiritomb which has no weakness...) Fire, Ice, Ghost and Dragon... Eh. Not to mention that the best fire type pokémons are all in the first generation... I'm gonna kick their ass so that they do some other cool Fire Pokémon è_é
You must admit that Slugma/Magcargo, Torkoal and Numel/Camerupt sucked really hard -__-
I don't like legendary pokémons since I think they're overated and quite not so fair, so I won't even mention them...
And Magmortar... OH COME ON, GUYS. EWW. Magby was cute, that's all. I liked Houndour/Houndoom, though... And Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion... Other than these... Well... I got used to the third and the fourth starters, but don't really like them... Charmander was the best \o/

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