Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sorry I can't hear you I'm k-kinda busy

After having listened to Alejandro, I can confirm that Lady Gaga considers herself as the new Madonna.


Tonight, after the job, I went at Isabelle's place (Putré-Fashion, you know ?) and so did Matsuro and Lillie Joe so that we could try our clothes for May 22nd fashion show at Bar Octobre (Somewhere in front of Gabrielle Roy's Library, right ? Like... Downstairs...) [/advertising]
So yeah, I've two outfits (as everyone else HA !) and both are quite... Lady-like ? Oh well ! xD I love them, as it seems to be usual, Putré-Fashion did a good job for dressing me ♥ And one of my outfits really reminds me of Vampira =3 What more could I ask !
Aaaah ! Again, I'm pretty happy with what Isabelle chosed for me to wear~
I can't wait for May 22nd to arrive *o*

Estie que j'aime ça, j'marque mes tags, j'arrive à Putré-Fashion pis j'écris "Put".... BEN J'AI UN TAG "PUTE" AHAHAHAHAH.  C'est tout.

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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