Thursday, March 11, 2010

Received my 2nd h.NAOTO piece of clothing 10min before leaving for work ♥

Sometimes, life is pretty well done~
Haha !
So yeah, I ordered a h.NAOTO pull on Closet Child for like... 40 bucks~ (I think I already mentionned this, right ?) and received it today =3
I must say that I was, at first, a bit scared that the sleaves would be to short since... It's a japanese brand and I have physically NOTHING of a japanese AH ! (Boobs, X-shaped, tall, so long legs, long arms, large hands, long feet EVERYTHING !) But in the end, it fits perfectly ! (Probably cause it's from the Plus branch of the brand... Thank you, h.NAOTO for thinking to people who aren't shaped as the typical asian skinny ! Phew !)
Oh ! And I've been surprised by a pocket.  LOL.  It wasn't mentionned, or I haven't seen it, on Closet Child, but there's a pocket on the left side xD Not that it's really visible, actually... A cell phone pocket >8B
So, now I've a skirt and a pull from h.Naoto and a T-shirt, a tie and a scarf from SEX POT ReVeNGe... Otherwise it's from BodyLine, for what is from japanese fashion/brands XD.... Not too bad, I guess =o... Anyway, I don't like most of lolita things on the market, right now... Way too much kawaii and pink -_- And it's way to small for me ANYWAY XD.... (Do you see me in a pink candy poodle dress, anyway ?! ò_ó Errr !!! It's cute on others, not on me XD I'm not cute, I'm gorgeous ! HA !)

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