Saturday, March 13, 2010

OMG I'm such a pattern master !

A few friends and I want to make a short movie inspired by something which looks like..................... Plan 9 from outerspace. LOL.
Basically, the storyline is... well... This won't ever win any Oscar XD
But anyway, that's not the point of it.
So yeah, the story is about vampires and aliens, ahah xD
I threw in my FaceBook status something like "Let's take a few shitty ideas and let's make a short Ed Wood-esque movie !" and Kyoka and Lillie-Joe followed !
And I proposed myself to make the costume.  So far, I've only designed a female alien outfit and I got inspired by this :

Well... the full outfit, which I can't seem to find... But you get what I mean.
And 1940-60's idea of futuristic~

I won't show my sketch since.... I wanna keep the surprise, but the thing is that I decided to convert a puffy shoulder sleeve into a cube.
Think about it 30 seconds, all of you who are sewing in here.  How do you make the pattern of a cube shoulder ? How are you sewing this ?!
I found out how with a single test... I guess it was only a question of logic...  I really look forward doing this outfit !

Do you think we should burn a few DVDs with bonuses and stuff on it with the movie ? Would you buy such craps ?! XDDD
Making of, deleted scene, bloopers, trailer ? We could only post the trailer on YouTube and you'd have to buy it (like 5bucks... LOL)... HAHAH !!!

I also want to do something that'll remind you of Morticia Addams and Vampira and/or Elvira for the vampire... Well... It'll be some kind of... classical goth-styled, I guess..
There will also be a male version of the alien outfit~ I'll keep the cube effect, but I'm also thinking about some pants SiSeN had...  Those :

The things that look like garbage bags, y'know...

Also, since the movie'll be in B&W, I'll probably do something 40-50's styled for the normal girl of the story, I think that'd be interesting... With Polka Dots.
And there's a... ranger ? Forester ?  (Forest Keeper ? XDDD) A female one... Since the story is completely ridiculous, I thought that she could be wearing a skirt and wouldn't... mind about panty shots XDD

We would need a 40-50's fashioned car, but we don't have this budget... So we'll just take the car someone'd want to lend us.... Anyway, we wouldn't even drive it for real XDDD

Do anyone has a projector ? That's be nice for the driving scene (It would be even more for Putré-Fashion fashion show, actually...)
Oh ! And this'll be a silent movie ! n___n

Anyone is free to give donations 8D
Actually, we'd need :
  • Paper (cardboard ?) plates (FLYING SAUCERS !)
  • Silver, grey (3 shades) and black paint
  • A projector (Obviously, we'll give it back !)
  • A car (Same here...)
  • Fabrics (PVC/vinyle (silver and blue, if possible, but the movie'll be in black and white so I guess it doesn't have much importance...) for the two aliens, I don't know for the rest of the crew yet...)
  • A camera(wo)man (We won't give them back =o... LOL.)
  • If anyone willing to play a non important role at all, please feel free to contact us !
  • Oh ! We'd need some cardboard (like the one used for boxes... We'll do a graveyard 8D)
  • Peanuts (REALLY.  We need peanuts.... No, it's not to feed squirrels... Not for our consummation either... But we need those...)
  • We need a soundtrack... But Lillie-Joe and I will probably be able to fix this alone... (We HAVE to put at least one Eliphas Levi instrumental in this !)
  • A good fakeblood receipe !!! One that isn't too sticky and easily washable... At least on PVC... It's okay if it isn't really BLOOD red... I mean... It's a B&W movie, y'know...
  • A chess game...

So far, I think that this is enough.... Stay tuned ?

I might start to write the scenario soon !!

Ah ! And I want this movie to look like if we were 100% serious when doing it, even though it's obvious that it's... crap XD

2 comment(s):

Lillie Joe,  March 14, 2010 at 7:40 a.m.  

Osti que j'aime ça xDDDD

Osti pour la fin caché on pourais prendre un instrumental de Lareine ben cheesy xDDD ♥♥

Mais ouin ya une couple d'affaires que je pourais fournir facilement dans le tas =o, les flying saucer > DOLLORAMA (Y)
La peinture j'en ai une bonne batch faudrais juste checker dedans
Pour le projecteur j'aurais proposé une grosse flash light XDDDD (ou 2-3 genre que les gens tienne XDD)
LOLOL les peanuts, ouin.. dollorama aussi? faudrais faqué un plant de peanut en fait LOL
Faudrais checker toute les tounes instrumental qu'on a chu sur qu'on peu trouvé des miracle, déjà j'ai beaucoup de soundtrack de jeu vidéo... Faudrais que je cherche des soundtrack de film d'alien voir si sa pourais être intéressant XD Ou on peut demander la collaboration de nos artiste locaux ;DDD (LSD... Ino... ;DD??)
Le chess game j'dois en avoir un pas pire à quelque part =o faudrais j'en parle à ma mère
Sinon pour les effet spéciaux genre la transpersation (?) faudrais de la fausse peau, ma mère en a surment dans les trucs d'halloween

Faudrais penser au make up aussi! Genre les alien faudrais que sa soit vraiment exagéré =o Pis pour le vampire on peut prendre mes fausse dent, on les ferais pour qui fite sur toi XD

Osti que ça va être beau. LOL

Trucydae March 14, 2010 at 11:18 a.m.  

Ostie que j'catchais pas ton affaire de transpersation sur le coup XD mais ouin quand l'autre rentre dans l'arbre, là ?
AU PIRE, moi j'dis qu'on dissimule ça en dessous du linge... pis qu'une fois transformé, ça parait pu XDD
J'avoue pour le make-up, hein.. =o
Mais ouin, pour le projecteur, j'pensais pas à une lumière, mais plus un truc qui diffuse des images... tsé pour quand l'auto avance =o.....

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