Friday, February 05, 2010

It's still full goffick lolz


We're up to... Wait... Why the fuck is this in french, AGAIN ?!
Anyway, we're up to dué le quartz \o/
But the thing is that I skipped Dir en grey cause we would have cought it during the night D8
And, for once, none of me or Flavie want to miss it XDD So I guess I'll just set them for... Saturday night ? Yeah. Sounds fair.
M'kay, now Dir en grey is between the Es and the Fs XDDD.... far enough XD
Speaking of Es, Evanescence should get over D >8B
And Eins:Vier will take DEATHGAZE's place...but yeah.... B-T, BLOOD, Deadman, Ev, D, c=/=g....
And then Deg'll take BLOOD's place, so BT, BLOOD, deadman, Ev and D.  I want to kick D out >_>... But the thing is that, if I count well, Evanescence only has one song more than D.... >_>.... I almost wish I had more Gackt songs so that he could kick Asagi's fake vampire butt X'D (Oh, at least he doesn't glow in the sun....... OH WELL.  HE USES SO MUCH HAIRSPRAY THAT HIS HAIR ACTUALLY DOES SPARKLE IN THE SUN.)

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