Saturday, January 02, 2010

Darkest Labyrinth's Lucky Pack.

I forgot about it....
It had a good timing XD Arrived on December 31st in the morning XD...
So when Aozora arrived, we opened it~
There was 2 BLOOD Mini-Albums, a Suicide Ali album, 2 GPKISM (mini-)albums, an Angelspit album, two compilation CDs, a Noir du'Soleil double-album, a Spectrum X Album, a 2Bullet album, a Takuya Angel mini-album... I'm forgeting one or two... Aozora have them XD;;
We will sell both of GPKISM's albums and Takuya Angel's.... They never been opened ! We would prefer to ship in Canada, but shipping in US is possible too.  Shipping is included since I based my price on Darkest Labyrinth's Price and they include their shipping price in the retailing price :

GPKISM - Atheos - $25CAN (Retailed price : 2800yens → $31,66CAN) :
  1. Immaculatus
  2. Thanatosis
  3. Metempsykhosis
  4. Metempsykhosis 〜Omega〜
  5. Ultimatus
  6. Illuminatum
  7. Infernum
  8. Synthesis
  9. Abaddon
  10. Sublimis 〜Alpha〜
  11. Sublimis
  12. Atheos
  13. Sanktus
  14. Abyssus
GPKISM - Bathroom... ah oups... Barathrum - $15CAN (Retailed Price :  1890yens → $21,37CAN)
  1. Barathrum
  2. Strages
  3. Cruor(instrumental)
  4. Barathrum (Kalm Remix)
  5. Barathrum (Leaether Strip Remix)
  6. Barathrum (Monkichi BESPA KUMAMERO Remix)
  7. Strages (AKIRADEATH Remix)
  8. Barathrum (HimemaniK Remix)
  9. Barathrum (BAK XIII Remix)
  10. Strages (marlee Remix)
  11. Strages (Noir du'Soleil Remix)
  12. Barathrum (George Priniotakis Remix) 
Takuya Angel - Ima-Wa-Mukashi - $17CAN (Retailed price 2100yens → $23,75CAN)
  1. Japan
  2. Ima-Wa-Mukashi
  3. Indo
  4. Neo
  5. Hariko

I accept offer, as long as it's reasonnable~

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