Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas is gone until 2010.

Berallwarp Rheim's singer sings.... with EMOTION. XD Luv it.

So yeah, lot of emotion during the night from the 24 to the 25 but now, everything seems to be fine.
Sure, you all want to know what I received, don't you ?
Not much, this year, but who cares, anyway ? So I got a pillow, 75 bucks, a new camera, Swing kids, Resident Evil's Trilogy,, and some junk from the gift exchanges XD
Not much, but I'm glad, I've seen the family and that's all I wanted, basically.

I've also caught Teddiursa in Pokémon Platinum... LOL.

And I came to realize something... Everyone asked me if I was to be at my father's for Xmas.... As if I was mad at him or vice versa or something.... But... No.  I mean... We haven't really talked for a while, him and me, but.... what happenedas... a few years ago ? I think we got over it, people should get over it too.
Of course, I don't agree with some things he may say or may have said and I'm sure the same goes for him as well (Isn't it ?)... But I don't see what's the point of still arguing about it now... I've my life, he has his, I've made mistake, but so did him, everyone makes mistakes, we are just humans after all.
I think I understand his way of seeing, I don't know if he does the same with mine, but I respect it, even though I don't agree with everything... There's no need to argue with some as... futile... as this...
It has been frustrating in the past, but now... It's belonging to the past.  Final period. The page has been turned.
He's still my father, after all... and even if he hasn't been at home as often as my mother did, it's still a bit because of him that I am who I am now.  You always have to be thankful to your parents... Sometimes, you may think they don't, but your parents will always love you from the bottom of their heart.

Oh and... I'm not completely adult yet, I haven't arrived there yet, but I'm not a teen anymore either.  I maybe haven't got any teen crisis or something, but I don't think I'll have any either.  Yes, I dress in a peculiar way, yes, I have a girlfriend and I love her, yes, I listen to weird music, yes, my way of thinking and seeing things is quite dark and may sounds depressing to some, yes, all I want to do is realated to arts and we can't be rich with this and yes, I'm different from what a majority of people is, but I won't ever be anyone else.  I am me and I'm happier this way than if I'd try to be like anyone else.  Yes I'm the black sheep, yes I don't enjoy going out in bars and stuff and yes, I hate people and have difficulties with social relations... But in the end, that's my problem ! I guess I'm able to deal with it.  Maybe others would think I'm a fool to have this way of living, thinking, acting and everything else, but maybe that I think theirs is fool too, don't you think ?
I won't ever change, no one really changes, those who tried always failed.  You can't be anyone else than yourself, as well as everyone doesn't get along well with everyone either, we also have a lot of qualities but we also have a lot of flaws and people who agree with everyone are only une maudite gang de téteux (ass-kissing creeps).  That's all.

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