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Visual Kei Survey~

1) How old are you?
18 >8(

2) What’s your race? Were you born here?

They call it caucasian... My origins are french~ I'm born in Trois-Rivières, lived for a few months (?) in La Visitation (de Yamaska) and then I lived in Baie-du-Febvre until I moved in Québec, when I was 17~

3) Are you: Male / Female
I'm aboy with boobs and a vagina and glad of it~

4) How long have you liked visual kei?

Euuuuh.... I was 15 when I started.... which means... o_o 5 and a half ? o_ô

5) Has this affected your relationship with your friends / family ?
Please explain how:
My father thinks it's just a phase and that I'll get out of my teenage someday HA !
My mother doesn't like japanese voices, but she's okay with it~

6) On a scale of 1 to 5, do you think visual kei is successful in America? (Consider: Concerts, Jrock merchandise sale, musical covers on the internet, knowledge and acceptance of visual kei)

I think it's successful even though we don't have a lot of concert yet... But we have more and more so I guess that in a few years, we'll have as many shows here as they have in Europe =3 so I'd say 3.5

7) Has your way of thinking changed in any way after listening to visual kei?
[X] Views on American/other music
[X] How you dress
[X] The friends you choose to have  (I've to check this since... My life kinda revolves around VK and japanese music, so I think it's kinda hard to make friends who aren't into this...)
[] How you act towards your parents
[X] How you act towards your peers

8) Have you limited the music you listen to visual kei? If no, list what else you listen to.

No, I listen to old school VK and Jrock, yeah, but other than this, I LOOOVE industrial music, a bit of metal and electro too , some pop and classical... Well... I listen to everything, basically, but Reggaeton.  I. HATE. IT.  It makes me aggressive.

9) Do you watch anime? If yes, how often?
Not really, when I'm forced to... LOL.  Well... I like old anime... SAN JUUSHI T___T <3<3

10) On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you think the fact that it’s Japanese has to do with its popularity?
I don't fucking know... I don't really care about it, I think we get used to it, even though we don't understand, but I know some people just don,t get how we can get used to something we don't understand.... I'd give 3, then...

11) How did you hear about visual kei?
[ ] Parents (LOL ?)
[X] Friends
[X] Internet
[ ] TV

12) Do you feel accepted by mainstream culture?

Not at all ! XDDDD Halloween is on October 31st, did you know ? OMG.   But I don't care, I laugh back at them !

13) If not, does interest in visual kei have to do with this?
I guess... XD;;

14) Do you get classified as “goth” or “emo”? Does this bother you?
[ ] I do get classified this way, and I care.
[X] I do get classified this way, but I do not care. (I've been shouted "emo" at, once... I laughed)
[ ] I do not get classified this way, but I would care if I did.
[ ] I do not get classified this way, and I would not care if I did.

15) Do your friends understand what Jrock is, and why you like it?

All my friends listen to japanese music.  Or Almost all, if not.

16) Do your parents understand what Jrock is, and why you like it?
My father doesn't, obviously.... My mom... I don't know.... probalby not, but she respects it.


1. Kai (the gazette) or Teruki (an cafe)?

................ Teruki got a funny voice.

2. Gackt or Hyde?
Gackt is so much fun to laugh at <3

3. Bou (an cafe) or Kaoru (dir en grey) ?

4. toshiya (dir en grey) or hiroshi (x japan)?

Toshiya the T-Rex <3<3

ooo(O__O) visual kei....or oshare kei????? (~o~)


1.if you were about to get robbed, who would you want to come save you? (can be a person or a band ^__^)

2. If you were to make your own band where you were the vocals....who would you choose to play guitar, drums, and bass??
Oh god....
Die, Kaya, Jasmine You ;_; and Shinya... LOL.

3. If you were to stay in a crazy asylum for a whole day in a straightjacket (for some reason -__-) with someone of your choice to keep you company (also wearing a straightjacket), who would it be?
o_ô... Kyo, for some reason....

4. if you were to create your own jrock. magazine and you could have any jrocker to come pose for the front cover of your magazine, who would it be?
Kaya... And I'd ask Orly to do the photoshop job è_é !!


1. What got you into liking visual kei?
I was goffick.................................... Seriously.  LOL.  I wanted to discover new goffick bands and I discovered.... MOI DIX MOIS \m/

2. What bands are you currently into?

Currently like in RIGHT NOW :
Dir en grey
Luna Sea
Eliphas Levi

I'm currently re-discovering 90's jrock bands~

3. What bands do you currently dislike?
Current VK bands.

4. What was the very first visual band you liked?

5. What's a band that you used to hate?
I always hated Kagerou o_ô.... I used to hate Kaggra, too... Now I'm okay with them...

6. What's your favourite song?
Hageshisa blablabla karamitsuita shakunestu no yami, Obscure, Vinushka from Dir en grey
Army march drawn sword and Fata morgana Android from Gothika
Marorii blablabla from Eliphas Levi
Rosier from Luna Sea
Ophelia from Kaya
New Vogue Children and Beautiful the Virgin from Schwarz Stein

7. What are your favourite lyrics?
 ......................................................... Eh....

8. How much have you spent on CD's?
I'm not counting.... But I've :
BLOOD - Lost Sky
BLOOD - Les fleurs du mal
Blood Stain Child - Idolator
Gallhammer - The Dawn Of...
Gallhammer - Ill Innocence
Gothika - 120 days of Sodom
Kaya - GLITTER (2nd edition)
Kaya - Salon de Chocolat (DVD)
Kaya - Last Snow
Kaya - Meikioku Series 1 Bonjour ! Chanson
Kaya - Ophelia
MUCC - Houyoku
Schwarz Stein - New Vogue Children
Seileen - Kinjirareta Asobi
Tokyo Dark Castle VA Compilation
Versailles - Lyrical Sympathy

Those are "real" stuff.... Other than this I've got some China Town copies... like :
Dir en grey - Gauze
Dir en grey - Kisou
Dir en grey - Vulgar
Dir en grey - The Marrow of a Bone
Kirito - Hameln
Malice Mizer - Memoire DX + Voyage~sans retour~
Moi dix Mois - Dix Infernal
Moi dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera
Nightmare - the WORLD Ruler
Pierrot - ID Attack
Pierrot - Dictators Circus
RENTRER EN SOI - Kein no Hitsugi
RENTRER EN SOI - Astre no Hito
Some weird Vidoll compilation with a japanese name THIS long I can't read

Now you may count if you feel  like it 8D

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Orlagoth December 4, 2009 at 12:09 a.m.  

8D Yeah! M'a y'arranger sa face à Kaya pis y va être BEAU! Ò_____Ó Pas aussi fvcked up et épeurant que les criss de poupées à Dada dans Sad Mask... ¬___¬

*steals survey*
Fait longtemps en criss j'n'ai pas fait! D8

Trucydae December 4, 2009 at 11:45 a.m.  

Ouais ben ça fasait longtemps, moi aussi là oO....
Mais ouin... YAAAAAY m'a aller lire ça sur vos blogs \o/

How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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