Thursday, October 01, 2009

While my potatoes are getting hot...

I had to tell you something !
It is a secret ! LOL Non pas vraiment, mais bon.
The thing is that, I thought about it, recently (yeah as usual) and I came to realize that I neve really though that Vidoll was really suiting me. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN.
They were good, it's true, I liked them very much, they were my favorite band ! And yes, Jui got that voice which used to make me go KJASHKJSHDKSHFKJHSD and stuff like this... But.... When I liked them THAT much, I wondered a few times if they were really suiting me... And now here's the answer : No.
The same goes for my fangirling over Jui.... I mean... look at him ! He's only some kind of (very) sexy bitch (or he used to...) and well.... He got me D8 !! And yeah, well, I still like him pretty much, but.... It's not the same kind of "relationship" that I have with Kaya or with Die.... I mean... It's like if (get prepared to LOL) I had three boys in front of me who are mad at me because I was cheating over all of them and that I admited that with the Jui one, it was purely sexual.... LOL.  I would have felt the same, really xD
I don't know how to descride it in an other way XD;....

So yeah.... the thing is that I don't really associate myself to Vidoll (the OLD Vidoll, okay ? è_é !!) as I do with Kaya or Dir en grey or Evanescence, let's say o_ô....
I don't know if you get what I mean xD;;;
I think it's related to that thing that makes Kasu goes "this kind of music is so *insert someone's name*" as she said that when she hears som 80's music, she thinks about me xD or same thing when I see Kengo, I think Orly...
What d'you think about this ?

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Orlagoth October 1, 2009 at 3:37 a.m.  

Pourquoi tout le monde pense à moi quand yé sujet de Kengo?! ;_____;

*bon, oui, j'l'aime fow fow s'te grande fifure là <3*

Pour Vidoll, comme j'aime pas ça... c'est good que tu t'y associe pas trop XD
Mais j'comprend... genre y'a des bands qu'on trip mais... c'est pas le même trip OMFG qui change presque pas d'intensité avec les années... =/

Trucydae October 1, 2009 at 4:20 a.m.  

J'aime ça beaucoup quand même, ça reste que c'est pas vraiment moi xD;;;
Ça doit être un autre truc que j'me suis convaincue que j'aimais ça pis qu'à force de me convaincre, j'ai fini par aimer ça pour vrai xD
J'réalise depuis pas longtemps que j,fais vraiment ça souvent .____.
C'est comme m'obstiner à croire que j'aime pas la pop LOL.

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