Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Actually, I was home, at the Pays des Vaches and there was my brother playing GameCube and Hazuki and Junji were sat there and it was silent... But then I asked the guys if they'd like to play too, in english... and well... I kept it secret, in my dream, but I was surprised that Hazuki actually understood what I asked XDD ♥
So yeah... I began to look for other controllers, but I only found one without wire with the thing for batteries open but with something I can't really tell what it was at batteries' place and there was something else missing and well... I got angry at my brother and I looked in all the house but found nothing but some stuff Spatu forgot home like a HUGE SEX POT ReVeNGe umbrella o_ô... Pink and black, if you wanna know XD...
And then, my father's girlfriend's daugther went down the stairs, as mad as hell, yelling after her parents or something and I was like... ehhh... okayyyyy .___. And I was kinda ashamed because well... Yeah Hazuki was in my house (Junji too but I guess he was only there cause Hazuki don't go anywhere without him xDD)
And I woke up, realizing I'd slept for a single hour only xD;;

It's the first time I dream about Hazuki xD ♥
And well... I'm not sure, but I think I didn't even really dreamt of Kaya, yet o_ô.... I dreamt about Die but all the others.... Eh.... LOL I ALSO DREAMT ABOUT MANA AND THIS VOLLEY BALL THING IN WHICH HE SUCKED REALLY HARD XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
I'll take a look at my dream tag o_ô... Oups, non, it's a rêve tag... Same thing.

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