Thursday, September 03, 2009

LOL tabarnak c'est pire que c'que j'pensais XDDDDDDDDDD

Tsé l'histoire des pink skinnies de Kaya (criss que j'ai failli écrire Gackt pour some reason LOL)
Ben la fille qui traduit son blog a fini par le traduire X'D Pis estie que c'est beau Gilles XDDDDD

How do you do?
The midday sun rays can become really strong can't they?
Can Autumn not hurry up and come ? 

Well right now "Kaya-ko" is in the train.
And I'm on the way to a business meeting

And then ... all of the sudden ... My beloved skinnies ....
I need to collect them! You see about one year ago, I came across a lovely pair of skinnies, however .... I still don't own any ...

and yet now, right before my eyes, is a young man wearing an adorable pair of pink skinnies. ( ´艸`)

I'm excited~!


"Those pants, where did you buy them?"  I could ask him this ... however ...

I don't want him to think I'm trying to flirt with him in some weird way, that would make me feel terrible.......

To ask ... or not to ask ...

AHHHH this is lame!

Our eyes met !

Do you differ!?
I am NOT interested in you !!!
(you're a bit lacking in some areas!)
I'm only interested in your pants~!

Where did you buy those Skinniiiiiiiieeeeesssssss ???

Ah ... he just got off ... (・_・)

My beloved Skinnies where are you ?
Of course we will go and find them right ? (laughs)

I have a request !  I need information on where to find cute skinny jeans!

Today is doremidan san's one man live
I recieved an invitation, I wish them a wonderful live tonight! 

Sérieux là XDDDDD
Mais j'veux pas lui demander parce que j'veux pas qui pense que j'le cruise D8 !!! LOL
Estie là XDDDD

Attends, attends....
I am NOT interested in you !!!
(you're a bit lacking in some areas!)
I'm only interested in your pants~!
Criss XDDD
Après ça, y'en a qui pensent encore que c'est un p'tit gars ben timide pis qui garde toujours une certaine classe pis dans le genre "Mais y aurait jamais dit ça !!!" BEN OUI CRISS XDDDD
Aaaaaaah my, my... Long last the Queen XD <3<3<3

3 comment(s):

Kasumi,  September 3, 2009 at 6:39 p.m.  

J'aime ça xDDDDD

Sophie CRUISE cruise Cruise ;3,  September 3, 2009 at 9:48 p.m.  

"(you're a bit lacking in some areas!)"

LOL QUWAT?! J'ai tellement acrochee sur cette phrase LOL! Au debut jme demandais si stait juste moi qui etait obsedee mais apres j'ai vu que t'en parlait plus bas LOL FIOU j'suis pas seule XD!

~~t'as tellement dit cruise genre~~

ouan j'pense que j'vais juste aller me coucher dans le fond XDDD!

How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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