Thursday, September 24, 2009

I LOV'D D'YOU, PIGGY !!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what ? She just laughed at it.

Which means that she read it.  BUT SHE HAVEN'T GOT THE BALLS TO ANSWER TO ME YET.
And because of this message, if ever she still does read my blog (which she used to do and which I don't really think she still does), she will send to me one one of her dearest friend to kick my ass.

HAHAHA.  Isn't life wonderful ?! I can predict the future !

ホホホホホホホホホホ~ !!!

Okay, I'm bitchin, now, quite the usual stuff, after all, cause even if I'm currently wearing some boyish baggy pants, well I'M A GUUUURL.  But yeah, I'm not angry or close to tears or anything else... I must say that I'm quite glad, actually... Cause she seems to be way more happier than she used to... And after all, that's all I ever wanted... Her to be happy...
Though, I'm still quite disapointed about the "CRISS J'PEUX PAS TE SENTIR" since I haven't got any answer to my "why" and well.... I hate to not understand probably as much as you absolutely LOOOOVE to hate me, darling~ (pis sûrement que j'vais me faire dire que ça me concernait pas et tout ça blablabla.... Mais tsé..... I'm not THAT much of a dummy....)

You know... yesterday when I just lost control of myself and that it ended up on my blog, I came to think about the fact that maybe I still loved her... Mais elle a le dont de rendre les choses claires : No, I don't.

Ça veut pas dire pour autant que j'vais laisser leurs chances aux otakus-mangâ-narouto-yo pis aux amateurs de GNs qui me courent après, ah ça non ! J'vais garder le peu de fierté qui me reste pour mettre ça ailleurs, estie o_o !!

Mais ouin.... One thing that she tends to not get is that, in this moment, I am honnest.  I lied for a lot of thing, but when it comes to the heart and feelings and everything like this, I just can't lie, it's too hard.... Pis Dieu seul sait combien j'suis lâche... XD;;
So yeah, I still want to know why it turned this way, sweety~ After you'll have tell me, I won't ever bother you again, I promise.
I just thought enough time would have been passed....

Ah and... You surely showed that mail to everyone, isn't it ? =) How pathetic am I ! Dear !

2 comment(s):

inorganique September 24, 2009 at 8:25 a.m.  

le trippeux de GN y'a pas l'air SI pire XD

Trucydae September 24, 2009 at 8:32 a.m.  

LOL ouais mais ostie que non, moi + GN = ... NO WAY. Non, juste non XD r'garde xD;;;

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