Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tabarnak, ENCORE -___-.

HearJapan regrets to inform fans of Kaya that HearJapan will no longer be selling music from Kaya. Kaya’s label, Next Media Communications, inc. filed for bankruptcy today. Due to the severity of the economic situation, they will cease all sales of music already created and close shop entirely. As a result there is no one for HearJapan to pay the big portion of the royalties to so we must stop distribution of Kaya’s releases. There is no confirmation on how this will effect the performer’s future career, however before the bankruptcy was announced, Kaya had switched to Universal Music however was still managed by the now bankrupt label.

Heille là è_________é ça va faire !
Check ben ça y vont finir par découvrir qui y avait une erreur dans le calendrier aztèque pis y vont découvrir que leur 2012 qui = la fin du monde, c'est cette année, ostie >_>....

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