Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh shit, oh shit !

I've good multi-colored eyes.

The thing is that... I have my SEX POT t-shirt on and the writing are in some kind of Manâ-blue LOLz. I do own some Manâ-blue LOLZ eye shadow.
And. I'm also wearing some Ardène socks with hot pink argyle design with crossbones. I do own a hot pink eye shadow.
And. There's some silver thing on my socks and on my h.NAOTO replica from BodyLine skirt. I ALSO DO OWN A SILVER EYE SHADOW.

So yeah..... I first wondered if it would look weird, but actually, it looks great ♥
And kinda 80's style-ish ♥

I'm pretty used to monochrome palette, on my eyes... like shades of grey/black, shades of blue, shades of purple or violet.... I already tried lime green and hot pink and it looked awesome ♥ since my eyes get really... PRESENT when I wear pink or green... so it was a SUPER COMBO OF DOOM here ♥
I love my eyes ♥

I want more make-up ;_;

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