On Gaia Online, there're aquariums.
In an aquarium, there are some bottles travelling from an aquarium to another.
In those, you can put a message to which people can answer and you have to chose the best answer so that you and the winning person earn 250G

So here goes that one 8B

treecko639 decided that you wrote the winning message, and has declared you BEST IN BOTTLE. You and treecko639 have both won a 250 Gold prize. Congratulations!

Original question: do you think digimon is a remake of pokemon or is it the other way round to you

Your winning response: Pokémon were the first, then came Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, Bakugan and others. Its called copying only if you considere that all fighting anime with stupid jokes as NAruto copy Dragon Ball.

I would have written more, I wanted to talk about Magical Girls and Sailor Moon.... but there was not enough place ;_;... So I only kept the Naruto and Dragon Ball part =B