Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Couldn't sleep...

So I stole this (Omg... Madame Butterfly ! x))

1) Are you ready for a lot of questions?
Can't sleep, so I guess I am...

2) Was your last kiss a mistake?

3) Do you believe in God?
Yes, I do believe in meh.

4) Who was the last person you've told "I love you" and when?
My ex, months ago.

5) Have you seen him/her?
To SEE is the good verb. For the half of a second, at the Salon de la Mode.

7) Are you crazy for him/her?
I knew I shouldn't have taken this quizz... It'll make me mad again -_-
Well, to answer the question, she probably thinks I still do, I'm working hard on this. It doesn't worth a single penny to spend time on her now. Plus, where's question 6 ?

8) What are you doing right now?
Typing this.

9) What are you wearing right now?
Today's shirt + something that look like a boy's swimming suit which I use as PJ.

10) Do you watch any serial on TV?
TV sucks. (I'm gonna copyright this sentence, soon o_o; )

11) To start something with a boy/girl, do you assure she/he has money?

12) Do you play any sport?
............... Yuk.

13) When has it been your last quarrel?
*sigh* I can't remember. Probably better this way.

14) What do you do in your free time?
Be a geek or rule the world.

15) Do you have a strong attitude?
If you want to.

16) Have you ever fallen in love with someone?
I did and sometime wonder if I will again or if I'll let it happen since breaking ups are...... Oh well... Fuck it -_-
And as Jon Bon Jovi sang :
Shot through the heart
And youre to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name

17) What makes your day special?
Went at this meeting for the Victorian meeting, this saturday. I'm still in love with my outfit ;_;/♥ Something like THE PutréFashion MasterPiece *w*

18) Have you ever fallen in love by Internet?
Was it love ?

19) Do you have many friends?
Depends of how much is many for you.

20) Do you hate anybody right now?
I currently hate the whole humankind. I should flood the Earth soon... Gotta chose a new Noah...

21) Would you like kissing somebody right now?

22) What do you like about yourself?
My eyes ^o^/

23) Do you like getting suntans?
As this dear Madame Butterfly said : the paler, the better ! So, no. Suntan sucks as much as sports and TV.

24) What do you wish at the moment?
The end of my periods. (OMG I'M SO GROSS.)

25) How are you feeling right now?

26) Do you like your feet?
....................... I have vieille crisse feet.

27) Who do you think most of?
Recently, it's all of those Pin-Up girls ;_;/♥ I wish I could have met Marilyn and Audrey ;_;

28) Is there something you never take off your body?
My skin. Pis même à ça, c'est encore drôle o_o;

29) Ice-cream?

30) Drink?
Right now, water.

31) Do you regret something from your past?
Overall, no. The rest will fade away, aren't we learning from our mistakes, no matter how big they are (unless you're killed, but I think I'm still, at least, half alive =B), isn't it ?

32) What's your next journey?

33) Do you want to have children?

34) Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with the letter D?
D ?............... D................. DIE. No.

35) What are you afraid of?

36) Do you have any piercing?
Yes, I want more~

37) Tattoo?

38) How often do you wash your teeth?
Once a day, now 8D Or almost.

39) What part of your past do you miss?

40) What do you want to do now?

41) A?

42) B?

43) C?

44) D?

45) E?

46) J?

47) Passion?
It's a perfectly dead passion
It's an entirely dead passion
Parasite children of hatred
I hate you - Dead passion

50) Sky?
Ouais ouais, c'est ça, j'suis fan de Nana, gnagnagna.... Nakashima Mika, en fait.

51) Do you want to marry through the Church?

52) Eternal love?
Burn in hell.

53) Do you think that anybody's going to read your answers?
Do people really do that ?
Well..... now that I think about it, I sometimes do it........

54) Favourite colours?
Tracing circles in a violet prison for VIOLET vision.
No flowers anymore, I want them to turn BLACK.
Color me, color me blood RED

56) Favourite song?
Byuteefool zah vaagin~ (C'est presque ça =B.... fallait juste que j'écrive une connerie, pour faire changement, donc Beautiful the Virgin pour ceux qui avaient pas compris.)

57) Antro or bar?
Antro ? What's that ? Bed, then.

58) Favourite place in the house?
In MY head, actually. That's the best place to be. You should try, there's place for two or three =B

59) Do you get on well with your siblings?
I do.

60) Do you get on well with your parents?

61) Would you dye your hair in red?

62) Would you dye your hair in black?:

You know, till saturday, it was RED AND BLACK.

63) Are you afraid of falling in love?
Le sigh.
As Kyo sang : KILL YOUSLEF.

64) What do you want to eat at the moment?
*scratches her shoulder*

65) Favourite van?

66) Do you kiss with, or without using your tongue?
Who cares.

67) Would you have a breasts surgery to increase their size?
.............. That's why I'm poor. L-O-L. Sarcasme, quand tu nous tiens...

69) A trauma?

70) Gym?
Sucks. Question 68 disappeared in a vortex =o

71) Do you take drugs?
Not really....... or regulary... Recently, no.

72) Did somebody ever dedicate a song to you?
LOL. I would laugh at them... Unless it's REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAALLY well written and composed.

Question 73 disapeared along with 68 and 6.

74) Would you like being famous?
I guess that's how we call it.

75) Do you own a PlayStation?
My sis owns a PS2

76) Do you own a Wii?
My brother do.

77) Would you say you know how to love?
A little bit too much, maybe...
C'est un p'tit peu bizarre, ce frisson dans le coeur~

78) What are you going to do tonight?
Tonight being NOW, I'm taking this quizz.

79) Do you drink?
Haven't since................ A long time.

80) Are you conceited?

81) Are you selfish?
I do. I'm God, after all.

82) Are you cute?
Cute ? I call it beauty, not cuteness. Or, at least, it's prettyness.

83) Are you tall?
I am.

84) Are you kind?
If I want/have to. (Yes, this is hypocrisy, get over it.)

85) Are you different?
OF COURSE. Being the same is ridiculous.

86) Do you want to change?
I'm evolving.

87) Who was the last person who got you angry?
Mr. Miyagi.

88) Are you in your own bedroom?

89) Are you bored?
À ton avis ?

90) Do you have sex without love?
Suck my dick.

Now yes.

91) Are you corny?
Has someone ever answered "YES 8D" to that question ?

92) Are you missing someone?

93) Do you hate emoes?
I don't care. They're overated.

94) What makes you happy?
What is happiness ? (OMG THAT'S SOOOOOOOOOOOO EMO. Kids, that was goth before being emo AND. AND. This is......... human.)

95) Where did you first see this meme?
At Madame Butterfly's place

96) Do you like your last name?
It means queen of the dead, so of course, I like it.

97) What do you think of gays?
They're life. Or mine, at least.

98) Have you got tired of answering questions?

99) Have you ever been bitten?
I'm living in the the darkness, I hate the day...
I'm hunting in the night, take your children away...
Your blood is my pleasure, I want your soul
I will never die as a child of the night

100) What do you think of love?
I said she gave love a bad name.

101) Who do you love?
The sane and the insane rivalry, paranoia brought me to my knees... Lord please please please, take away my anxiety.
It has been loong since I last listened to this o_o; ♥

4 comment(s):

Shuro May 26, 2009 at 4:07 p.m.  

"53) Do you think that anybody's going to read your answers?
Do people really do that ?"


... Non, je n'ai rien d'autre à faire du moment que je suis malade >.< C'est toujours plus constructifs que de larver dans mon lit^^

Trucydae May 27, 2009 at 12:35 a.m.  

LOL ouais, vu comme ça XDDD

Shuro May 27, 2009 at 4:27 p.m.  

J'vais même tellement perdre mon temps rien que pour le plaisir que j'vais le faire et en profiter pour me rappeler que j'ai un LJ XD

(et tiens, j'ai aussi un 20six O.O... )

How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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