Friday, March 27, 2009

Been tagged by Matsuro.

○ Male friend : Dunno, I don't have any specific best friend.
○ Female Friend : See previous answer.
○ Time of Day: 5:30PM
○ Day of the week: Friday
○ Food: Hum......... Dunno.
○ Memory: Don't you know that I absolutely have no memory at all ?.

○ Person you saw: My brother who's right next to me.
○ Talked to on the phone: Hum... I guess it was Aozora, yesterday.
○ Talked to on msn: Uh..... People yesterday.
○ Persons FaceBook wall you've wrote on: Don't remember.

○ Is: Another day of the week.
○ Got any plans: Not really.
○ Dislikes about tomorrow: Uh ?

○ Number: 8 or something...
○ Song: None for the moment...
○ Color: Violet
○ Season: None.
○ Book: I'll probably consider Girl, Interrupted as my favorite books for every single reason I stated previously.
○ Flower: HYDRANGEA ! Okay, no. ROSES. Nay, I don't know... Lilac smells good =o

○ Missing: Nothing in particular...
○ Mood: Neutral as usual.
○ Wanting: A portable hard drive.
○ Relationship status: Single.
○ parents still together: Nay.
○ siblings: Two sisters, a brother.
○ pets: Three cats : Mia, Betty and Honey

○ have tattoos: K
○ cheat on tests: I don't remember if I ever did this....
○ like roller coasters: Yeah, but not when they're IN a building as they're in Galerie de la Capitale.
○ wish you could live somewhere else: Maybe
○ own a cell phone: Well yea, but it's dead.... Hum, no... but the fact it is that my account has been cancelled... I'll buy a new one with a Québec number.

○ current hair: Red which need to be refreshed
○ currently playing: Final Fantasy IV and V and Dragon Quest V and Super Princess Peach and Chrono Trigger... Yea, all at the same time.
○ last movie you saw: Role Models, I guess
○ last thing you ate: Peanut butter and rasberry jam toast ♥
○ hate yourself: Not at all.
○ collect anything: No ?


○ you believe in love at first sight: No.
○ you believe in "the one": Maybe. Faut le voir pour le croire.

○ sarcastic: Absolutely. Too much, sometimes...
○ shy: I am.
○ talkative: It happens... On MSN or my blog.

○ are you double jointed: No.
○ can you raise one eyebrow: Yeah, the left one... I can't raise the right one alone...
○ can you cross your eyes: LOL yea XD.
○ do you make your bed everyday: XDDDDDDDDDDD no.

○ which shoe goes on first: ..................... J'ai jamais remarqué.
○ ever thrown one at someone: No ?
○ how much money do you carry in your wallet: Right now ? a few dollars....

○ bought something: Took my sis' credit card to buy my bus ticket...
○ gotten sick: Not really...
○ sang: Yeah, like I've been singing Kokusyoku Sumire's Watashi no Gakudan in the kitchen a few minutes ago
○ felt stupid: Nay.
○ missed someone: No ?
○ danced crazy: Yea, my brother asked me if I was hyper XD.
○ gotten your hair cut: No.
○ watched cartoons: Shit Pickle.
○ lied to someone: Not as I remember...

○ been to California: No
○ been to Europe: Not yet
○ wished you were the opposite sex: No.

○ what are you doing right now: I'm sat in front of my screen and I'm typing answers to that questionnaire, you dummy.
○ have you done something bad today: Only if smoking is cnsidere as bad.
do you watch the Disney channel: I don't watch TV.
are you jealous of someone right now: No.
○ what makes you happy most of the time: ... New releases by bands I like, friends, when receiving something I preordered...
○ do you bite your nails: Not since many years
○ what is your mood right now: Your memory is as bad as mine, pardi !
○ what do you want at this very moment: ... Having a Ad-Aware Scan
○ do you have a deep dark secret: ... Something like "not anymore" ?
○ do you hate someone right now: Yeah, probably.
○ do you have a crush on anyone right now: No.
○ does anyone like you: Who knows ?

****Everyone has their firsts...****
First friend: Probably Cécile and Maude.
First Cellphone: LG something.
First pet: I don't remember which dog it was.
First piercing/tattoo: Ears. If that doesn't count, my left eyebrow

What ? it's already done ?

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Maude,  March 28, 2009 at 3:28 a.m.  

Première amie du primaire! Ça remonte à loin! ;-)

Pis hey, le livre Girl, interrupted, tu l'as trouvé où?? J'le cherche depuis un bout et j'ai pas trouvé. Tu l'as en français ou en anglais?

Madama Butterfly March 28, 2009 at 11:32 a.m.  

J'l'ai commandé sur Amazon, en fait... Pis y'est en anglais parce qui est épuisé en français =o
Sinon, en français, le titre c'est de quoi genre "Une vie brisée" pis c'est par Susanna Kaysen ^^

How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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