Friday, November 21, 2008

Copy and paste her two last MySpace Bulletins.

La fin de la Journée

English will follow.

Ouais... le même titre que pour la DERNIÈRE tournée de BLOOD u_u....
Criss, BLOOD se séparent, tabarnak DDDDDDDDDDD8

Donc, bon....... Je commence à considérer le fait que j'irai peut-être au show de NY

->Feb 2 Santos Party House (New york / USA) Feb 1 The Middle East Club (Boston / USA)

C'est c'qu'il y a de plus proche de chez mois... Pis c'est avec GPKISM et SiSeN...
Si y'a quelqu'un d'intéressé, faites-moi signe.


Yeah... same title as the FINAL BLOOD tour u_u...
Fuck, BLOOD is fucking disbanding DDDDDDDDDDD8

So, this is the point : I start considering the fact to MAYBE attend NY's show...

->Feb 2 Santos Party House (New york / USA) Feb 1 The Middle East Club (Boston / USA)

It's the closer one to where I live.... It's with GPKISM and SiSeN...
If anyone else is interested, please let me know.

La fin de la Journée, take two.

Finally, Boston is closer to Québec than New York.

And NY show is on monday and if I have school, it'll cause some problems....
I'll probably go by bus, it's only 11-12 hours from here, it's not that bad and cheaper than plane.

If you know a better way to get there or if you want to drive me and maybe a few others to go there, please tell me. We will obviously separate the gas price between us. It's obvious that I won't drive us in US. And I don't want to. We'll get lost 398748932 times.


I began to fill in the thing to get my passport... I only hope to get it in time.

So this is for BLOOD's FINAL tour with GPKISM and SiSeN.

I want to attend Boston's show on February 1st.

Please tell me if you are interested to come with me or to meet me there.

If you know the city, please let me know too. I never went to US before and a guide wouldn't be bad.

I'll post bulletin again when I'll have more information.

Dear god, BLOOD's disbandment SUCKS major ass >_< !!!

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