Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To Do list before leaving Friday morning :

Packing my stuff :
-clothes for saturday and sunday
-another pair of shoes in case those I'll wear kills my feet (which will obviously happen)
-hair straightener
-lenses case and cleaning product
-Salon de Chocolat (who wanted to watch it, already ? ._.)
-Nightmare Before Christmas for Mize

On Thursday Wednesday night :
-Dye my hair back in black 'cause I don't have time to go to my aunt's to have my hair of doom
-Get my violet nails done perfectly (this'll be a lot of job... I'm so rarely able to put nail polish without scratches and stuff like this >_>...)

I'm getting up a bit early anyway on Friday morning even though my bus leaves at 10:20 AM.
Doing my hair isn't pretty long, but make-up takes much more time and I want it to be PER-FECT. I already know what to wear on Friday, this won't be a problem. But it's something else for Saturday and Sunday.... I have to bring my black loli skirt for Mize, too...

Am I forgetting something ?
Ah yea... I have to buy some credit for my cellphone so that Aozora can call me .

Okay, so I leave from Trois-Rivières at 10:20, I arrive at Ste-Foy at 12:30. MAD, am I waiting for you ?
If not, I'll go straight to Place Lau. And oh... even if you don't wanna go to Place Lau, I still can take a 800 to go there.... If you wanna see me, cela va de soit.

Ah shit... J'ai un putain d'ongle qui commence à avoir envie de casser >_<..... Tiens bon, ongle DDD8 !

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SmokingMadHatters October 29, 2008 at 8:56 p.m.  

Le probleme c'est que vendredi je reste a l'ecole travailler tout l'apres-midi et peut-etre plus sur mon projet podium...>_> (J'adore mon projet, mais il me pompe du temps et les delais sont serres!O_o C'est le prix de l'extravagance j'imagine!xp)

(LOL, quand tu as dit que tu parlais de moi sur ton blog, je m'attendais a trouver une marde genre "MAD SUCE DES QUEUES!" en rouge!?XDDDDD)

Trucydae October 29, 2008 at 9:24 p.m.  

Oki =o C'est pas grave, au pire si t'as assez d'énergie pour, on s'reverra au Black Light xD

How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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