Friday, March 11, 2011

And now, something completely unrelated.

But every single time I'm seeing that pic

I'm thinking about the same thing :

I like to contrast of his masculine hand over his feminine face.

And on this, too :

Feminine everything, you'd say ? (Put the lack of boobies aside, will you ?)
Look at his hands, arm, shoulder and neck.
I like that kind of mix of both genders.

Kaya used to be good at it too...

Selia is another good example ♥


But the opposite is not true è_é

Thinking about it
That's maybe why I've never been THIS fond of Shinya...
He's so skinny his hands look like a woman's hands, seriously...
And even the rest of his body, beside breast and hips... ._.

He has nice hands, anyway, though ._.
Even if on that pic, his palm looks short xD


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