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1. Who is your favorite Pokémon?
Absolute Favorite: Froslass (; 3 ;)/ ♥
Kanto/Generation I:  Probably  Haunter.... And Charizard... And Dragonair... And Gastly >8(
Johto/Generation II: Misdreavus (; 3 ;)/♥, I like Snubull for some reason XD But never use it... And Bellossom cause it's cute ; A ;
Hoenn/Generation III: SPOINK IS SOOOOOOO SJKHFDSKJHDKJS CUTE. D8 Cacturne, Sableye, Shuppet, Duskull, I kinda like Seviper too oO and Gardevoir too... In the end I kinda like the 3rd generation LOL
Sinnoh/Generation IV: FROSLASS >8(, Vespiqueen, Roserade 8B, Drifloon D8 ♥, And Drifblim too, even though it's one of the weirdest pokémon of them all XDD (Unova excluded LOL), Mismagius (*3*)♥
Unova/Generation V: OK I had to go look for a list LOL I like Cofagrigus... It has Majora's Mask's eyes LOL,  Gochimu, Gochimiru, Gothitelle 8B (Yeah, I know All names aren't in english/japanese XD), Bururiru, Hitomoshi, Ranpuraa, Shandera (*3*)/ ♥... Yeah...

Grass starter: Bulbasaur, Chikorita or Treecko oO
Fire starter: Charmander *w*
Water starter: Totodile and Piplup are cute, but I've trouble with their evolutions LOL So Squirtle XD
Eeveelution: Glaceon
Legendary Pokémon: I don't like legendary pokémons D8... Maaaah... Okay... Articuno, Mewtwo and Darkrai >8(
Starter in Basic form: Cyndaquil or Charmander D8
Starter at Stage 2: Wartortle
Starter at Stage 3: Charizard

The rest is under the CUT cause it's long and boring if you don't give a fuck about Pokémon~~~

2. Why do you like your absolute favorite?
Well... I gues that it's, first of all, because I like Ghost pokémons (NO, REALLY ?!)
And then, I've read somewhere that it would come from a japanese legend about the ghost of a girl which is only see in snow storm or something... Yukionna basically... Or woman of the snow if you REALLY don't know japanese... And it then pushed Dragonair away from its throne to took it's place LOL.

3. What is your favorite type of Pokémon? Why?
Ghost.  Because they're purple. LOL
Well.. Yes, but... I don't know I also like how they look XDD
They look somewhat evil and I like that XD

4. If you were a Pokémon, what would you be?
I don't wanna be a pokémon D: 

5. What would be the first Pokémon you catch on your journey? (Name one for each region.)
Kanto: Rattata and Pidgey... Cause I often end up using Pidgeot to fly ._.
Johto: Hoot-hoot and Sentret (PICK-UP ABILITY !)
Hoenn: Poochyena D: and Zigzagoon (PICK-UP AGAIN.)
Sinnoh: o____o.................... I don't remember... what are the first pokémon we encounter in Sinnoh region ?! XDDDD Ahh.... Probably Starly -__- Cause I never caught any fuckin Bidoof >8(  (I only caught a Bibarel once to teach it 4 HM......... LOL)

6. Name your dream team. (Any region)
Did as Lillie Joe did and did one for each region and a dream team 8BB
Kanto: Charizard.... Wait... Emulator will help LOL. OK. Raticate, Haunter, Hitmonchan, Vaporeon, Articuno.... WTF IS THAT TEAM ?!?!? O_O.... D8  It's in the red version...
Johto: Typhlosion.... Err... DS, where are you ? XD Dragonite, Starmie, Xatu, Gengar and Sandslash~ I HeartGold
Hoenn: Blaziken, Vibrava (Training it to have Flygon), Lineoon, Gardevoir, Azumaril, Sableye~ In Sapphire
Sinnoh: Infernape, Gyarados, Alakazam, Meganium (took that one instead of motherfucking Palkia tank D8<), Gengar and Lucario in Diamond and in Platinum : Marowak, Gengar, Mismagius, Altaria, Froslass obviously and Dragonite
Overall: If I had to have something equilibrated : Charizard, Froslass, Cacturne, Alakazam, Dragonite, Gyarados
If I wasn't giving a fuck about it : Froslass, Haunter, Shandera, Mismagius, Shuppet and Drifloon or Duskull LOL

7. How long have you been interested in Pokémon?
Since it started to play on Télétoon and that my cousin lent me his Red version and his GBC 8B
So around 99-00 too =o

8. What do you value more, the games or the toys?
Games... But I must admit that if I find ghost pokémon merch, well............. ;D

9. What games do you have?
Emerald, Diamond, Platinum and HeartGold.
I'll have Black in March.
I really often borrowed my cousin's Red
Lillie lent me her Sapphire and Pokémon Ranger
And we also often borrowed my cousin's Pokémon Snaps and Statium =o

10. What is your favorite plush? Figure? Game?
Plush: I don't have any pokémon plush...
Figure: Haunter... Anyway, that's the only one I've XD
Game: RED >8(

11. Name your top 5 least favorite Pokémon.
Rhyperior D8
Magmortar D8
Bibarel -.-
Slaking and co >_>
All those Regi-thing


12. What is your most favorite and least favorite regions?
Most favourite: I'd say Kanto...
Least favourite: I don't like Hoenn's map, but that's all... And I don't specially like the safari thing in the *new* Johto and the marsh in Sinnoh... And starting from Johto up to now, I just can't remember the cities' names... -.-

13. Do you like anthropomorphic (human-like) Pokémon (Pokémorphs)?
.... I don't really mind ?

14. What Pokémorph species would you want to be?
I said I didn't want to be a pokémon D:

15. What is your favorite moment in the Pokémon anime?
GHOST TOO ♥ And yeah, Sabrina's episode(s) *o*

16. Which feature in any Pokémon game do you enjoy the most? (e.g. multiplayer battles, contests, day/night system, etc.)
That pokéwatch thing, I guess... LOL..... other wise, I don't know since I tend to keep it the more old school I can XD
But I must admit that the wireless and the wi-fi connexion are useful to complete my pokedex XD

17. What is your favorite Pokémon song(s) (or song used in the Pokémon animé and movies)?
I liked the pokerap, back then... and the karaokemon... Like in [I knew the songs by heart]
But I guess now I'm not enough in a kid mood for that =o

18. What is your favorite Pokémon movie?
I haven't seen much of them D8
I've seen Mewtwo's one, Lugia's one and Raikou's one... I,ve seen parts of hum... Latias/Latios one but my mother was like [WTF ARE YOU WATCHING X_x] LOL so I had to stop watching it XD

19. Do you prefer Pokémon that are powerful or Pokémon that have a good design (in other words, good looks)?
I try to have a good mix of both =o
But I would rather have a pretty but weak team than an ugly but strong one, I must admit XD


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