Monday, May 16, 2011

Videos and hair.


First one is in French
So you'll maybe won't get a shit.
Even people from France probably won't understand
Since there is that Québec accent, you know..
But yeah...

She's one of the weird people I see everyday at my job~~

Don't be mean at her
Just laugh because she's acting funny, period è_é
I'll just delete comments like [OMG LOL SHE'S SO DUMB LOL]

I just did this :

Because of this
Then, while discussing about it with Lillie Joe
I said that I'd like a cat like that
And then she added like Dir en grey
And I made this.
End of the story.

I'm still shocked about Die's hair D:
I'm almost being in denial
Saying to myself it was only a troll D:
I don't know how I'll react when I'll see a picture D:
Ma vie.
C'est rien que des cheveux, merde XD
Ça repousse T_T

Speaking of hair growth....
Well... The long part...
Is getting longer than what I thought they were ._.
I mean, at its longest
It almost reaches the middle of my back...
I should try to take a picture LOL

Okay, my photo sucks, but whatever LOL
BRB sending email from my phone to my PC XD

Little Mermaid.
My shoulders look super wide there XD
Oh wait... They're super wide...
At least, for a girl, they are...
Oh well XD

So yeah...
Freshly washed hair 8B
So that means they'd look even longer once they'd be flattened...

Oh my, look at this...
I dyed my hair like 3 weeks ago...
They're still bright red...
Ok, it's a bit less bright in real life... 
But still...
Beside the fact that I'm smearing red dye everywhere 

Front pillow is the one I don't use LOL
And my glasses are supposed to be black and white...
Not black and white and red XD

So yeah, beside that fact
This hair dye is awesome *o*
Like waaaaaay better than Punky and, obviously, Manic Panic...
Seriously, Manic Panic stay bright for a day or so >_>
Punky... It's more like two weeks, maybe....
But that one which I won't ever remember the name of...
It's awesome *w*

Voilà, La Fin
The End 8B

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