Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today was awesome.

Or I'm just in a good mood.

For once XD

Feel like 384278374 times better than yesterday
Since yesterday...
Well I had the worst menstrual cramps I ever had
And came to realize that I was actually feeling the inner layer of my uterus coming off
Or something...
(Cause that's what menstruation is, you know...)
Like I didn't want to feel it in details, KTHXBAI.

But yeah,
Yesterday, I also received a package delivery notice
So I went to get it today before going to work
Since it's in the same building...
And it was the corset I ordered from Louise Black ♥

And at work
There was this woman who just can't not have a chat with me
And she ended up saying something like 
She didn't got why people were dying their hair
And then said she knew someone with bright red hair
On this almost disgusted tone
*cough cough*
Uh... HELLO.  I've bright red hair LOL.

I also took an outfit pic :

Shirt and pants and bracelets on my left arm from H&M
Shoes from Payless Shoes
Scarf from Ardene
Necklaces from Ardene and Etsy
Bracelets on my right arm from Mexico or something and Closet Child

So yeah, I went back home, obviously
And had an other delivery notice LOL
So my real corset is arrived as well XD
And, of course, I had to try on Louise Black one~
OMG I took the best pic ever >XDDD
I mean LOL : 

I just love it >XD
Oh and I have no petticoat under my skirt
So this is pretty close to my actual hip line =o
And it made me realize that 
I breathe more with my stomach than what I thought I was
Since I thought I was exclusively breathing with my chest LOL
I thought I simply didn't know how to breathe with my stomach, actually >XD
And I guess it will also help me with my posture
Since it kinda hurts my ribcage when I've my usual posture ._.
Not that it's a bad thing, on the contrary, I must say XD

Oh and this morning XDD
I was browsing LJ and came across those : 
-If you became a girl what would you want to do and why?
Shinya : Have gold hair and doll-like curls. (because if I did that, it would be a big problem right now.)
Remember about 10 years ago ? XD
dskjfhsdkjfhksdjf lol.

-Raison D'etre
-Ah, when I saw the naked women, I was really surprised, and the scenes.
Die: Yeah, the first time that's ever happened.
-HAHAHA, how was it?
Die: Ah, very nervous. When we were filming, it was okay, but it was when we were waiting to film, it was quite hard.
Nothing else to say XD

In the end,
I'm back in love with Fatima ♥
Sanaka is my Grosse Plotte d'amour ♥

4 comment(s):

Anonymous,  May 10, 2011 at 8:06 p.m.  

You look wonderful with that corset on. ♥ I think it suit you very well. ~

Trucydae May 10, 2011 at 9:39 p.m.  

Ahah merci ♥
J,ai hâte de le porter pour vrai pis de faire du show off XD

Anonymous,  May 11, 2011 at 11:47 a.m.  


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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