Saturday, April 16, 2011

Won tong.

I just received my wig

And I must say I'm a bit disappointed.
First, it has a fringe.
Second it's not thick at all....
At least it's the colour I wanted ._.

But yeah, it's pretty long
I'll need to cut it
So I guess I will be able to use the part I cut
To make it thicker ._.

The thing is that I already had that lenght..
Like when I had my hair purple ._.
But I feel like that wig is longer ._.
Oh well...

Picture time.

At least it makes a pretty moustache.

I really don't know how I will deal with the bangs, though ._______.

The best part of it is that
Yes, I'm disapointed
But in the end I'm just like...
[Oh well *shrugs shoulder* Whatever....]
It's okay, I mean...
Whatever, really XD
I didn't even feel like giving a negative feedback to the seller...
Anyway, they were Chinese and wouldn't have get a shit of what I had to say LOL.
I don't think it's their fault, anyway...
It's no one's fault XD
End of the story.

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