Saturday, April 09, 2011

Splice VS New Vogue Children


The only similar point with Splice and New Vogue Children
Is that Dren and the NVC had been made in a laboratory
Using some cloning methods
And that they are growing faster than "normal humans"
Those are the very only point similar.
Better believe it, I'm not the NVC's mother for nothing è_é

My NVC are more close to cloning than Dren is
Since she has been creating by splicing together many species DNA
Including human DNA.
So yeah, it's similar
But splicing take cloning way farther, I guess...
Yes of course, I made Hora add an animal gene to his... recipe LOL
But still...
OK, OK.  It was splicing and I didn't knew it è_é

So yeah...
Negative point is that I can't come up with totally original ideas
Positive point is that my analysing and thinking skills 
Are logical enough so that I may come up with things that
While I though it could be possible
Are actually done or being made somewhere else...
I should become a scientist LOL.

DO NOT talk to me about my zombie theory -_-
I hope I'm wrong on this ò____ó

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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