Sunday, April 17, 2011

For those still arguing about the braces thing....


On his teeth, actually...

And looking back into older pictures posts on diru-tabloids
Made me realize the I really do have the exact same haircut
But on the opposite side
I swear it was NOT on purpose.
I swear.
I really just felt like I had to do it
And been enjoying it since then 8B

I actually like how people just don't understand why XD
Even though I complain about them all thinking it was a mistake
In the end, it's just funny...
Specially cause, as I once been told, lately
[Girls don't usually get this kind of hairstyle]
As if I was the usual girl, anyway...
(Please stop loving me, I am none of these things ♪)

It's also funny to see that if people don't like it
They just hate it
There is nothing in the middle
So they just like it or not XD

So yeah...
Most important thing of them all
Is that I like it, right ? XD

Here's another one for the braces thing

With a Kaoru bonus
C'est tout.

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