Monday, April 11, 2011

Anachronism but HEY it's Vespiqueen 8D

Forgot to crop it...

So yeah.
If I had a graphic tablet, this would probably had been coloured in a better way
But I like it that way
It keeps that sketchy touch I can't draw without anymore
I know, her bodice isn't centered, thank you.
So is the skirt, lulz.

I used references for that
Such as my Complete Costume History book
Since I know what rococo looks like
But I wanted to be the "closer" to reality it is possible.
There are A LOT of anachronisms in this anyway
Starting with the colours she's wearing
Since black was pretty much worn for mourning
(Except if you were Spanish, but I'm not this familiar with Spanish costume history... 
Beside that they influenced some parts of late Middle Age costume...)
Gloves were for prostitute, too 
Her hair looks like some hats women would wear in late Middle Age
I also kinda mixed day and night dress
Not really on purpose, I only noticed it once it was done
But it still looks more like a day dress to me...

No one cares about historical facts è_é

And don't judge my incompetence to draw closed fans è_é
Cause yeah, that's what she's holding.  LOL.

I think I'm gonna scan the pics I got inspired from ._.


Top Right 

Bottom pic, woman in the front

Nearly all of those who face us
Those dresses are from the beginning of Renaissance, though...
You can still feel a bit of late Middle Age in them...
But since it was already going to be full of anachronisms....

And finally
For those who were wondering
Blue pen of normal paper lulz
Scanned in B&W
Edited, then coloured on Corel Photo-Paint
No special brush used.

Kinda makes me want a graphic tablet....
But I know I would first suck at it and I'll get frustrated
So I wouldn't be using it much
Unless I kick my butt really hard ._.

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