Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And Vidoll's disbanding.

In May or something.

I must say I kinda expected that...
They gave differences in musicality
But they always say that.
Every. Single. Band.
They all stated differences in musicality.
So they went major.
Started to do shitty commercial music.
Started to disagree on musical points.
Jui got hospitalized 
And it got them the opportunity to sit back and think.
And they decided to disband.
Even though they said they would disband only if Jui couldn't recover
That he's going solo
And his first single'll be released on April 20th.
It'll be better that way, I guess...
They all were in side/session projects anyway...
Tero especially.

But yeah
That solo career from Jui...
He said it will contain the [Thought and memories of Vidoll]
But I'm expecting something really gay LOL
Nothing more, nothing less.
Maybe I can expect something more old-school-Vidoll-ish too ?
Only time will tell !

And no,
I'm no sadder than that.
The Vidoll I loved died in 2007.
So my mourning is done.

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