Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aaaaaah HA !

I knew that Hazuki didn't look asian !

What if it actually was a little Japan girl ?
Of course, I just made this up.
But I still think it's kinda... stunning ._.
They really share the same features
Besides the fact that Hazuki has his eyes slanted
But it's the same chin
The almost same mouth
Hazuki only has his a bit fuller
Bowie's nose is thinner, though...
But the shape of their eyes/eyes brows
The way their eyes' sockets are somewhat deep
And the way their eyebrows are low above their eyes

I mean I saw that David Bowie picture
And I first almost saw Hazuki oO

Ah ! 
Mysteries of life !

I'd be curious to see Hazuki
Dressed as a King Goblin, though...

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