Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's go back in time.

I first got into VK and other related things with Moi dix Mois.

I then thought they were great.
I wanted goffick music and I got it.
But then Juka left.
I went mad.
Then Kazuno and Tohru left too.
I got even madder.
And I stopped caring about Moi dix Mois.

I discovered Malice Mizer
It was great.
They still are
But they are dead...
So I slowly got away from them
I still somewhat care
But... Eh

There was miyavi.
Miyavi somewhat was my happy side.
But then he got major, I guess
Or I grew up enough
Or something.
And I stopped caring about miyavi.

I rediscovered Dir en grey.
The first time scared the hell outa me.
But then I fell in love.

At the same time
I discovered AnCafe
It was hard to find, back then
And they weren't too OMGKAWAII.
But then
They started to get known
And Bou left
And I stopped caring about AnCafe.

Then I discovered Psycho le Cému.
I listened to them non stop for a few weeks
But then just put them aside
And never really got back into them...
I still think they were great anyway oO
But that'd be why I never really cared about Mix Speaker's Inc.

Then I discovered HIZAKI.
HIZAKI early works were great.
When he worked with Fu-ki and Seiji ♥
But then
He hired Juka as "permanent" singer.
It became crap.
So I stopped carring about Hizaki Grace Project.

I discovered Soroban.
Soroban were great.
They were cute
They had really good songs
They had everything.
But they disbanded.
Yumehito was a bitch
So he joined Ayabie
To take Ryohei's place
Because he just left.
Soroban became ZORO one or two years later
But they're not as good as they were...
So I never really cared about ZORO.

I discovered Vidoll.
Vidoll has been my life for a year or even more...
But they turned major
And now doing shitty commercial music
So I stopped caring about Vidoll
Even though I still like their indie songs

A bit back in time
I discovered Schwarz Stein.
They were awesome.
They still are.
But they're dead.
Then Kaya showed up solo.
He was great.
But he turned major
And became a slut.
So I stopped caring about Kaya.

Juka went solo to.
He was great...
Until I realized it wasn't so great, in the end
He then went away from music for a year
And came back with XOVER.
It sucked.
They disbanded.
And he came back with VII-SENSE.
With Dio Distraught Overlord ex-guitarist
So since Juka
Now Shaura
Is being a total narcissic idiot
I stopped caring about him.

A while before that
I discovered LAREINE.
LAREINE was great
Even though, at first,
I felt a bit ashamed of liking them
Because they were really cheezy.
But they were great.
But they died.
Kamijo had NEW SODMY
They have a few good songs, but meh...
So I never really cared about NEW SODMY
(Beside that it proofs that Kamijo likes dicks.)

I discovered Aikaryu.
Aikaryu were awesome.
But they had a really bad carcrash
And ULI couldn't play drums anymore
So they disbanded......
So I kinda stop caring about Aikaryu.

But a few years later
Hizaki, Kamijo and Teru were back
With Versailles.
I thought that Versailles was great.
I really did.
But then
They started to go commercial
And again
And again...
And then...
Jasmine You suddenly got sick
And less than a week later
He died.
I though it was weird...
I realized that Hizaki was a real son of a bitch
A mother fucker
An asshole.
And I started sincerely hating Versailles.

I discovered BLOOD
BLOOD was fucking awesome.
They still are
But they're... Dead.
But I still care about them.

Kiwamu came back
With something he took in Australia
At first
I thought GPKISM was great
But as they released things
I realized that their songs all sounded the same
So I stopped caring about GPKISM.

Or meanwhile...
I discovered lynch.
Lynch. are great.
But they just turned major
So I'm scared.
I wish that I won't stop caring about them D8

I never stopped to love Dir en grey...
So I guess I may call them my favourite band...
I don't think that I will ever stop to like them...
It has been 6 years, now...
I never liked an active band this long.
(Mostly cause they all fucking disband, bunch of fuckers D8<)

In the end
This is a pretty sad story oO...
Long last Dir en fucking Grey D8< \m/

7 comment(s):

Kalmie December 18, 2010 at 10:49 p.m.  

"Kiwamu came back
With something he took in Australia"

X'D THIS IS SOOOO MEAN!! I love you!! <3

I could totally write an entry just like that too, it would end up the same as you... with different bands.

Except that you're very lucky, you have a band you cared about for years and still do... and they never truly disappointed you T____T it must be an amazing feeling...

I wish I loved Dir en Grey, damn! XD

Trucydae December 18, 2010 at 10:57 p.m.  

The worst in that is that it came out that way, I didn't even pushed it ._. XDDDDD

Yeah well... I guess there would be more if they didn't keep disbanding of going major or killing their bandmates -_________-;
Or maybe not... I don't know...
In the end, it's like if I'm not realizing that they've "always" been there ._.

Still... you conditioned yourself to like TRD LOL could do the same with dir LOLOLOLOL XD

Kalmie December 21, 2010 at 1:25 a.m.  

XD lol... well for TRD, all I had to overcome was the slightly painful female vocals... it's electronic music, so it's easy for me to like it...

As for rock music, if it's not love at first listening, I won't like it for sure no matter how hard I try -____- and even the rock bands I actually love, well I'm not all adhaklhfkhadfkg over them, I just like to listen every once in a while...

I'm an idiot who lieks electronic music with fake instruments lololol 8B

Diru was one of the first Japanese bands I listened to, along with MALICE MIZER, so this was a very long time ago XD and well, aside from thinking that the Obscure PV was awesome, I never liked their music and god only knows how much I tried... I even watched entire live shows of them and was like blaaaah .___. I don't hate it, but I don't like it either U___U FML!

Trucydae December 21, 2010 at 11:22 a.m.  

I can't force you to like them, anyway XD
Obscure T.T ♥

Sybil,  December 21, 2010 at 10:22 p.m.  

I think it's pretty interesting to see how people evolve(SHIT, I NEARLY WROTE EVOLUATE WTF O_O; )! Somewhat, even if I don't really know you, I feel like you really found what was the more "you". I think that the fact you get to "develop" yourself(something which, I think, is possible to see through your music evolution) is really nice but it makes me worry on the fact that maybe I won't love these bands I care for so much in some years. I'm not afraid of evolution, I'm looking forward to it, it's just that there's some bands and personalities I love soo much right now and that I just don't want to stop liking. It may sound foolish, I know, but...meh ._.;
Is it stupid to feel that the "magic" won't ever disappear? Is it even possible ?
I feel pretty philosophical, I'm sorry to annoy you with my stupid questions xD
Oh and do you think it is possible to ADORE a band who,to the other's eyes,is pretty crappy but who, to your eyes, is marvelous and who gives you some kind of special feeling..? Pretty weird question, my bad >_>; Maybe I may sum it up to : is the music's quality and technic of a ban all we should care about?

Trucydae December 22, 2010 at 12:25 a.m.  

Definitely not !
The best example I can find is Lillie Joe and Da'vid/shito:aL !
Or me with Evanescence since many people tend to think it's outdated or something...
I personally don't really look for technic and stuff... probably because I don't play music at all, but still... I guess that I would like Dream Theater, if I did... But I'm not.
You know... I didn't want to "lose faith into" Kaya... I really like... wanted to like him forever... But seems like he turned out like crap. And I hate it... I wish he could go back on track ._.
But still, nearly all these bands, never had I thought I would stop liking them someday... I guess that's what is making someone nostalgic about some music they used to listen... The same things happen when you listen to songs that were playing on the radio when you were a kid... Stuff like the Spice Girls, as for an example...
But anyway, I don't think it's stupid to think that the magic won't ever fade away =o I feel the very same towards Dir en grey~~
I also think it's possible to evolve through music~ In my case, I guess it's actually necessary oO.. And yeah... People's life goal shouldn't be to become this or that, but to find their own selves and develop it to their full potential... That's what I'm trying to achieve !
(And please, stop feeling guilty about your question ! x) You're not bothering me at all ! ^^)

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