Friday, December 03, 2010

When there's nothing interesting at HMV...

You go buy clothes.

At least, I did.

So I went to H&M
Bought a large, warm, woolen shirt
And the very same dress I had in black and white stripes
But all in black, this time
And then, I went at Freedom central...
Haven't got there in ages...
I left with a new NBC tee
That famous Sex Pistols God Save The Queen shirt.

At H&M
I tried on a dress
It was pretty cute
Almost looked like lingerie
There was no room for my breast >8(
Like if girls who wear 10-12 had no breast...
EH ?!
HELLO !!!!
Rounder girls usually DO. HAVE. BOOBIES.
Sad cause everything else fit perfectly -.-
And even sadder cause it would have been reaaaally pretty 
With a little fluffy petticoat under it
With a visible lace trim...


Edit :
Or I simply haven't looked well enough...
In the end, it's an ANARCHY IN THE UK shirt...
Oh well..
At least it's not a random band shirt...
It's still a Sex Pistols one XD

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