Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shinya should become a seller.

Subject: To Shinya-san
I recently bought an iPhone, does Shinya-san have a recommended application?

Shinya: "DRAGON DICTATION" application that types down sentences that you say. Up until now I would often be run over by bicylces while walking and typing down mail but thanks to this application I am completely safe.

I first thought
[Why would you type while walking ?!]
But then realized I'm doing it too...
I've never been run over by a bike..
Whether japanese people don't look where they're going
Or it's that I don't have an iCrap...

Regarding the title
If Die almost only gives dorky answers
Well Shinya really really often gives answers
Where he suggests to buy something xD
Next thing we'll see
Is that they would have developed
A [Shinya Approved] seal...

Is there any picture of Shinya with his thumb up, out there ?

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