Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Trucy's Pico Life

Or how an outfit

Can get you 30 props in 5 minutes

Note that only the 30 first props give you gummies....

40 minutes later
My meter was full.

Spent it all on Gacha
And still haven't got that fucking witch hat >______<

Another thing which totally SUCKS
Is that
When you go play match cards
To fill your meter
Because you don't want to wait for rings
Some people
When they see that you are WAY better than them
They just give up.
You get gummies if you lose anyway >_>.....

I don't have a very good memory
I quite rock the match cards game...
I still totally suck at reversi, though...

And just because I want to show off my closet :

(´ . ` ;)

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