Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fail english is fail.

Note that the bad use of english in the title has been made on purpose, eh...

Seems like most french speaking people
Who are learning or learned english
Have a lot of difficulties getting that
In english
Even though a words sounds alike in french
It do not necessarily means the same in english.
Such as [Actually].

We use [Actuellement] in french
To say [Currently].
But, in english
[Actually] is closer to [In fact], [En fait].

Many people think that
[Gentle] means [Gentil]
While [Gentil] actually means [Nice]
As in [Someone nice]
But [Gentle] means [Soft], [Doux].

And just now
I saw [To tan] used to say [To be sick of], [To be tired of].
Because, even if the proper way to say this, in french
Is [en avoir assez]
In Québec, we say [être tanné(e)]
As in France, they say [en avoir marre]
But [To tan] means [Bronzer] LOL

There are also many wrong sentences structures.
We can't take the french sentence structure and put it in english.
We can't do that with any languages.
But people can't understand that.
Even though they really are serious about learning another language.
Isn't this basic ?
Beside the vocabulary,
Isn't this one of the first things we are being taught when we learn another language ?
Okay, [Je suis malade.] is [I am sick.]
But we just can't say :
[N'est pas ça une de les premières choses nous sommes être appris quand nous apprenons un autre langage ?]

This being said
Japaneses who try to speak english are really cute xD

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