Thursday, October 21, 2010


What a beautiful title.

I just bought two movies.
I know.

I was waiting for my bus, coming back from the Fanamanga
And I went to by something to drink at the Jac & Gil
As I always do
And I saw the Wizard of Oz which wasn't sold for $84957943875938475, for once.
I bought Catwoman too cause Halle Berry in that ridiculous outfit is hawt anyway.
Plus, I like the feline way she walks
I think it's in the final scene...
Oh well...

Looking back at this
I really don't buy any movies over $20
And still... I think $20 is a bit expensive LOL.
The only movies I buy for that price are those I know they won't ever be sold for a lower price...
Such as random asian movies there is at HMV...
I really like the $5-10 stands XD
or sometimes, they're pools...
Like you know, they throw a bunch of sucky movies there and sell them for a ridiculous price XD
I always find something interesting in those...

Now, this being said
I will update my DVD list \o/

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