Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sorry for...

The... Lack of update ?
Oh well... I'll try to get my comp back to life tonight... There's two things I need to try, one requires WinXP's CD, though... But still... And if those two don't work, well... I'll just format...
Anyway, most of my things are on my external hard drive, so... And now it's okay with Flavie's comp's password, so I'll be able to empty mine and then format it... and find back that shit of activation key on the internet >_>...
Looking back at this, I feel lucky to be a geek/nerd/whatever... I can fix my PC by myself >8B
Also ! Lillie Joe, we'll have to take some time so that I may take a look at your computer... I'm pretty sure that the system restauration would fix it... Cause system restauration is cool like that.
Other than that, if you think you have a virus spread everywhere in you hard disks, maybe it would be a good idea to do a virus scan on another computer...
And install Avast if it's not already done... And set it so that it scans even before Windows boot.... *nods*
So yeah... That's it.  Story of my nolife.

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