Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I hope she knows that her avi isn't Shinya.

She surely does (I really hope she does o_o)... But still when they do some *someone*-days like this, they usually put an avi of the one concerned...

Which reminds me that picture so many people thought it was Shinya while it actually was Hakuei... Lol.

Bonus :

Subject: To Kyo-san
No matter what, during moments when you want to run away, I can't really face it onwards, what does Kyo-san do?

Kyo: Masochistically attack myself

If fangirls follow every... tips... the guys give.... What a way of living gurl !!!!!!!!
Maybe somewhere in this world, there's a 15 years old dummy cutting herself, drinking alcohol to get more friends, buying cat plushies, crying her life cause Dir en grey isn't music for a wedding and bought the tabs thing books they released to learn to play guitar and bass and drum without any classes...and... and... Yeah...

I actually looked at my Dir en grey tag for that one..................
Man........ I'm such a retarded fangirl >XD
I'm not sure I'm really 21... buhuhu...

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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