Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I forgot about the title.

I might not be some kind of Fashion Icon, but there's a lot of things that I see that I think shouldn't be.
I've already made a list, but let's make a new one.

Girls, if you're born with short lashes, it's no use applying like 39847298374 layers of mascara. That'll only make your lashes look clumpy and that's absolutely GROSS. Basically, mascara which makes your lashes looks even longer is for girls who already have medium to extra-long lashes. So if yours are more ike short, buy fake lashes and practise sticking them on. First, you have to apply a SINGLE layer of black mascara on your real lashes, just so that it matches your fake one's color. Them, apply a thin layer of glue on the border of your fake lashes. DO NOT APPLY GLUE ON YOUR EYELID ! Then you wait a few seconds so that the glue dries a bit and you stick them right over the root of your natural lashes line. Then, so that it doesn't really show that it's fake, just trace a line of (black) eyeliner and voilà ! (Liquid eyeliner may be a little more tricky to apply, put practice makes perfect and it makes a better final result.) If you want to apply eyeshadow, apply it after you sticked your fake lashes and before tracing your eyeliner line~

Girls, if you're like... Queen sized, and that your legs don't have any shape (if your calves aren't really smaller than the rest of your leg, basically) please, oh please. DO NOT WEAR STILLETTOES. Even if these are your favorite kind of shoes, those will only make you look ridiculous. Though, stillettoes aren't prohibited to curvy girls ! I am curvy and I wear some. But my calves are really small in comparison the rest of my legs. Picture proof ?

Again, for Queen sized girls : don't try to fit in smaller clothes if you don't. That'll make you look even fatter than what you really are (And I know what I'm talking about !) I know how frustrating it is to have to take larger clothes than your friends, but if a L-sized shirt doesn't fit you, please, take a XL one ! I you don't tell people that it XL-sized, they won't ever know. You don't fit in a 10-sized dress ? Who cares ! Take a 12 or 14-sized one ! Don't be afraid of shopping in plus-sized shop ! It's not written on it that you bought it in a plus-sized shop ! And it'll suit you better than those clothes which are too small for you.
This is also applying to those who wear Japan Fashion. Asian are naturally smaller and skinnier than occidental people, it's normal not to fit in a dress which has a measurement of 70 something at bust. You're not fat, just the dress is small. When you're buying online, they tall you the measurement, if your bust is like... 80, then you should buy something which has, AT LEAST, 82 of bust, just to be sure you'd feel at ease in those clothes. Though, shirring/sharling dresses/skirts/blouses are quite an exeption. Beware of shirring/sharling blouses, though... The buttons at your breast level might want to go off... And don't be afraid of buying at Bodyline ! They have larger selection of larger glothes than most other lolita/harajuku fashion, it's cheaper and of a better quality than what is said. Basically, they have a "bad" reputation cause, back in the time, they used to sell cosplays... Which they don't really do anymore~ So yeah, Bodyline is like shopping at Wal-Mart... As Paris Hilton said about W-M, you have more for the same amount of money ! (Which means that for $300 you have, at least, two full suit, including socks, bloomers, head-dress or hat and probably even shoes ! While, for other brands, for $300, you have a dress... and sometimes a head-dress... And Who REALLY cares if it's not from fucking Baby the stars shine bright or fucking Angelic Pretty ? Anyway, AP and BTSSB are mostly for petite girls...)
Also, if you're tall, have long legs and arms, as I do, I heard that plus-sized shop also have clothes for taller women. Though, I haven't bought anything there, since, luckily, since a few years, clothes tend to be longer, specially pants... OMG a few years ago, I had so much hard times finding some pants since they were all too short for me @___@

You don't know where your waist really is since there's not much difference between your waist size and your hips size, be it because you're round of skinny ? You wish you had a waist ? Then fake one ! There's nothing more fashionable, today, than wearing a belt at your waist height ! What we call "high rise" pants are comming back in force, further more, they help shaping your waist since they're actually at your waist instead of on your hips. Plus, you won't need a belt to hold them in place ! And, you know, those... "holes" we have on our hips, yeah there, right where your panties are, which stay there even if you're naked ? Ugly, right ? Those are due to low-rise pants/skirt/everything. But, the only way of remedying to this is to wear "high rise" stuff~ It might take a while before going off, though...
Note that this is not applying to those who don't care about having no waist and that it also could be applyed to guys who want to look like girls~ (Corset are actually the best solution, though, it's way more drastic. It's not necesserly true that you have to suffer to be beautiful. But suffering is quicker than the soft way....)

Girls, if you bend and that we may see your crack... That's NOT HOT. Hold your pants or buy pants with a little higher rise or longer shirt or a fucking BELT. Please. For everyone's sake. Thank you.
The same goes with girls showing of their strings. (Yes, it still exists.) You really do wanna look like a whore ? Ok, then, good for you if you just wanna look like an object.
Though, if we can see your bra since your shirt is transparent, that's okay. Only if it's not a plain bra or a sport bra or a bra with some kind of design on it which doesn't suit your outfit... In other words, I'm telling you that if your shirt is transparent, where a beautiful bra under it. Lace, if you still haven't got what I meant.
And don't wear a red bra under a white shirt. You'll stain your shirt for almost sure. Wear a black bra if you feel like... sexy, otherwise, wear a white one.

Oh... And STOP WASHING YOUR BLACK CLOTHES IN HOT WATER. Everyone hates when their clothes are turning pale black instead of BLACK. Wash them in COLD water. It's not true that it washed less than hot water. IT. IS. NOT. TRUE. Plus, there's now detergent for cold water and for dark clothes, sometimes in the same bottle ! Personnaly, I wash my clothes in cold water, whatever color it is, and the colors don't fade. I even wash colors with whites and whites are still white ! Why ? Cause cold water doesn't dissolve colors as hot water does.

Another shopping tip : If you're not sure if you like how a piece of clothing looks on you, if you're not sure it fits perfectly, if you're not sure to like it, DO NOT BUY IT. Why ? Simply cause you'll never where it. As simple as this. Only buy things that you're sure that you like, that you're sure that you'll wear. You might want some advice from some of your friends, don't shop alone ! And don't dare to ask the girl who wroks there if it looks good on you cause she only wants to sell what's in the shop, so she say that it'll look good, even if it's not true. Your friends should be a better reference than that girl~ And use your own judgement, please. I know you have some.

"I wish I was as good as you for make-up..." You know what I do, when I've nothing to do ? I put on some make-up. I do tests, I try to recreate what I have in my head, I try to reproduce what I've seen on picture... Remember that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. The same goes for my hair. I don't think that my hairstyling skills are quite good, so I practice. You might also want to ask some tips, so don't be afraid to ask, just keep in mind that it's not only tips that'll make your make-up look good~ It's tricky to adapt a make-up which has first been made for an asian on your occidental face, so you have to develop your reproduction skills for this... And this won't come in a few days... I wasn't this good when I began to wear make-up, you know...
Also, investing in good brushes helps a lot. And washing them regularly too. (We should have a single brush for every colors we have.... But don't ruin yourself by doing so. Just have a brush for pale, medium and dark colors and clean them after every use. How to clean them ? Rince them with water, add a bit of hand soap and rince until the water is transparent again~)

Going back to DON'T's. Evening/prom dress/gown should never have pockets. It is not elegant AT ALL. You must look good for you prom/reception/whatever, but what if you have pockets in your dress ? You have as reflex to put your hands in those. NOT HOT. No, that doesn't make you look good AT FUCKING ALL. But a tiny purse does. So please, buy a dress WITHOUT POCKETS and buy a purse which goes well with your dress. If you're not sure if the color suits your dress, buy a black one. As simple as this.

Also, don't try to have attitude if you don't naturally have it. Or don't push it. If you really feel like having more attitude, please do it gradually. I know, I know blablabla but your "Die-Style" attitude blablabla. People, people... I'm a Die-fan since 2004 or 05, I first tried to push it, as some of you do, and I fucking failed. I swear. Then I stopped pushing it and I realized that I didn't have to push it since I already had it. It's just some kind of habbits to take...
Still it is that my habits are changing with the way I dress... T-shirt + Jeans = rocker-fuck-all attitude
Old school, retro, vintage fashion = Elegant, somewhat sexy and bitchy... Remember Monroe ? Well... Yeah.
Lolita and gothic and related = That's my Drag Queen side, basically... Remember Kaya ? Well... Yeah.
And then, there's the wannabe cyber/candy kid, I had for a while and haven't done... for a while, that was SiSeN XD
Note that those are parts of myself, I'm not like OMG TODAY I'M DIE. OMG TODAY I FEEL MORE LIKE MARILYN. OH AND TODAY I'M KAYA. Yes, those are people that I admire for this and that, but I think I admire them because I found a part of myself in them. If I didn't, I wouldn't really pay attention to them. But, again, I didn't push it, it came naturally. Don't push yourself to like something, just be yourself. Which means that if you like Mana, you absolutely don't have to become silent, that would be absolutely ridiculous from you. But, if you like Mana, that's probably because you have some natural interrest in gothic and elegance, that maybe you feel like you're from an upper class or something (which isn't a bad thing, actually... you're the one who's making it bad or not... As anything else.) But again, you don't have to force yourself to like Mana because you have those interrests. You know, it's not because you look like a beaver that you're absolutely obliged to become a fan of Kisaki... (Damn, that's not nice XDDDDDDDDD)
So don't push your fandoms, and don't push yourself to become what you want to become either since, if you really want to become like this, you'll eventually become like this, it'll happen naturally.

OH FUCK YEAH. Back to high heels. Please learn to walk with those. It's not true that you have to walk with your toe first, IT IS NOT TRUE. You just have to walk normally (Heel first). Yes, normally. Practice at home if you're not comfortable with it or don't buy them. If you're buying your first pair of high heels, try not taking them too high. Get used to smaller heels first, if not, YOU'LL WANT TO DIE. Seriously. Or your feet will. If it's your first pair, don't go higher than 3inches (~7,5-8cm) and I mean it. Specially if those are stilletoes.

Next, it's not clothes or make-up related, but still... If you're not on your phone, then, DO. NOT. FUCKING. USE. SMS. TALK. You look like a fucking DUMBASS who don't know how to write. It's okay, doing some mistakes, BUT NOT ON PURPOSE. That only makes you look stupid. Do you want to look stupid ? No you don't ! So please. Please. Try to write the best english (ou français, ça vaut aussi pour les francophone... si ça s'trouve, c'est encore pire en français -___-) you can. You'll thank me later for this. You can also correct my mistakes, if you want, since, regardless to what some people say, I'm not perfect yet.

Talking about me being perfect... Again, I repeat : I don't seriously think that I'm the big shit. Whenever I say something like OMG I'M SO PURRFECT, I hope you got that was sarcasm. I do not think I am someone important, I don't think I am someone else. Yes, I am bitchy, yes, I act like I have a big ego, yes, I tend to be quite nasty with people, but that's just some kind of... protection. Yes, it's part of my true self, but that's only the first layer. As Shrek said, Ogre are like onions, they have layers. So do I. Looking like an evil ogre or witch on the outside, but I'm really soft inside. If I let you getting to know me better, you could see that I'm not lying. Just that I don't easily let people getting to really know me. I rather leave them believing that I'm the evil witch from the west LOL. But you know what I mean, I prefer that people think that I'm not nice, that I'm bitchy, cold and everything than letting them know that, in the end, I'm not so bad, cause I'd feel... weak. Well, I think my friends could all agree with this... So yeah, stop thinking that I think that I'm oh so important cause Ryonai follows my blog, cause Ken and probably Kiwamu know that I exist, cause I exchanged a few words with Peggy via his blog, cause I had the chance to exchange a few mails with Jasmine You when Versailles was at its beggining and that he also looked at my blog, because I know about Visual Kei and J-Rock since 2004 (In Québec, it started getting known in 2006-07), cause I can bleach and dye my hair as I want (almost), cause I know how to sew, how to put makeup on, cause I own a shitload of clothes, cause I don't listen to what everyone else is listenning to, cause I killed 2 shiny Pokémons and cause I got the Pokérus and a female starter, cause I have people I don't know reading my blog (up to Russia !), cause I can write perfect french, cause I've went to school with MAD and dare calling her... her (by the way, she is as human as you are too, yes she also has a lot of things, but she worked for it.), cause I've the best friends in the world, cause I'm teaching you life lessons and so on... I'm just a girl in the world. There's plenty of other people as I in this world. Yes, you may think I'm lucky with all this, but I think everyone can do so. Start with being yourself. Everyone can be someone if they try. Who never try gets nothing. You won't get anything if you just complain about how boring life is. That's all.
And no, I won't stop being that way. Anyway, people love to hate me for it and I think it's funny XDDDDD The same way they love to hate Paris and Perez Hilton, the Jonas Brothers, Tokio Hotel or Gackt XDD <3<3<3

Phew. That makes a lot of things.
Aaaah. I can't think of anything else, right now, anyway...
So please, listen to my tips and know your lesson !

.... XD

Trucy sensei deshita !


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