Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I changed my phone wallpaper ♥
I took a picture of Ryonai =3

Other than this, Kaya now has moved to Ameba... LOL.
Nothing surprising, actually...  But... yeah, it's like... the 6th time or so that he changes his blog... Mah.

I'm kinda.... redhaired... like in... black hairdye got bleached but we didn't have enough bleach.  LOL.  But the thing is that my left side, the side which was black when I was black and blonde, is like... a reddish brown... The same color my hair was when I was around 5 or 6 years old XD (Yeah, I've a red pigment in my hair... event tough my curent natural color is an almost black brown oO...)
Anyway, it's still in construction, let say it like this.... We'll finish this tonight and die them red (YEAH I KNOW IT'S DYE BUT I ACT LIKE A RETARDED FANGIRL, 'KAY ? LOLOLOLOLZ ← See ? Fantard I am.)

I don't remember if I've eaten something else than this single toast, this morning.... o_ô... Eh...
Does coffee cut the hunger ? 8<

Someone told me I must have broken a lot of heart on one of my one year old picture.  I laughed.
Seriously.... The more I laugh about people, the more they're all coming to me... Is there something wrong with them or with me ? XDDD

And now, my blog is viewed in Sweden... Hello swedish people ! (Sweddish or swedish ? o_ô)

Seems like people like the retarded fangirl that I am XD... The whole world is going ununderstandable... Wouldn't you prefer to... have interest in someone who, at least, is coherent ?
But anyway, I may say a lot of shittez, but in the end, you know I like you all pretty much =3

OH YEAH.  And hum, I talked about an Aliene Ma'riage cosplay, isn't it ? Well, we found our Ray (¯w¯)v
For the moment, we aren't 100% sure about which costumes we'll do, but we'll discuss about it one last time and we'll be there.  Then, Lillie-Joe is curently saving up money to go see NOIZ @ Animazement with Matsuro in May, but after this, we'll concentrate on the cosplay... Maybe we'll have time to do it before the Otakuthon ? Who knows !

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