Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trucy sent a fanmail to Dir en grey's............ Kaoru ?!

I did.
Well... not really fanmail... just some kind of... Request.
You know, I once said that I wanted to get an Uroboros tattooed on my right shoulder blade.
I then tried to draw it.  And failed since my drawing style isn't aggressive enough for what I want to get.  And then I remembered all those scans with Kaoru's drawing on it.... And I thought it would be perfect.
So yeah, you're right.  I asked him to draw me an Uroboros ô_ô. more politely, of course... I don't wanna look even more creepy >_>...
In the end, the worst that could happen is that he just ignore it.... I probably won't ever have any answer to this... But whom never tried anything won't ever get anything, so... Yeah...
If I don't get any answer, I'll just ask the tattoo guy if he can try something on a sheet and well... Huhum.

And in the end, I need to determinate which tattoo I'll get first.... The Uruboros ? The Pink Spider ? Or still... This "ain't afraid to die" accross my right arm (As Kaoru's Japanese Zombie Heroez, you know... DAMN.  Yeah, I fucking look like a Kaoru fangirl right now.  Screw you, guys ! I'm going home !) and well... I also wanted Jack and Sally's shadows in front on the moon like... on my left shoulderblade or something...  Any suggestions ?

And I should put some socks on and leave before I get late to work D8<

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