Saturday, January 09, 2010

Just looked at my 2009 stats...

An average of 63 visitors a day, going from 27 visitors a day to 181 visitors a day !
That's 14 more visitors a day than in 2008 !

And considering this :
1. 22nd June 2009 - 181
2. 23rd July 2009 - 178
3. 5th August 2009 - 169
4. 4th August 2009 - 165
5. 25th July 2009 - 159
6. 19th July 2009 - 153
7. 30th July 2009 - 139
8. 11th July 2009 - 137
9. 1st August 2009 - 133
10. 25th June 2009 - 125

1. 13th August 2009 - 27
2. 13th March 2009 - 28
2. 28th August 2009 - 28
3. 12th August 2009 - 29
4. 14th March 2009 - 31
4. 14th August 2009 - 31
5. 30th August 2009 - 32
5. 6th December 2009 - 32

July and the first week of August were when I received to most visits and what remained of August was quite... Boring I guess, cause no one looked at my blog then XD
I also wanted to show the most visits I received a day and the less cause I wanted you to know that I don't always have like 2364723 visists a day, I also have "bad" days... I think it's also fine to mention that if you're complaining because you don't receive much more visit than 20 visits a day, well... It's normal, it's okay, you don't have to be ashamed of something, just keep writing on your blog, keep visiting others' blogs, comment and leave the address of your blog (most blog platform have a little box for this use~) each time you comment ! Remember that in 2007, I had around 40 visits a day and that in 2006, I had around 30 visists a day. 
You have to build yourself a reputation on the Internet, leave your blog address wherever you can, on blogs, forums, on your visit cards, everything... Just don't be too pushy like... "Please visit my blog, I want comments D8 !!" (← You'll look awfully newb, and people on the internet hate newbs. KTHXBAI) And please... Leave Skyblog/Skyrock right now.  Use CanalBlog if you speak french, Blogger if you really want more visibility or LiveJournal or still Wordpress ! ... But please, forget about Skyrock, it's the worst blog platform EVER. Unless you're a newbie or a chiquita who only wanna talk about their friends like "I love you Natasha, please don't change BFF forever, love !" (But that sucks.  Really hard.)  You may also want to forget about MySpace and FaceBook blogs... Anyway, you can choose an option on FB so that your blog which is on another platform may be read on FaceBook.
Another tip I may give is to check you spelling.  A blog isn't a cellphone either.  So write in proper english or french or whatever your language is, please.
Also, do not copy other's posts, but that's what people do on Skyrock, usually... If you're not using it, you shouldn't be doing that, are you ? DO NOT. Do. This. First, you're stealing other's work and second... Can't you just, at least, give credit ? You still may copy and paste quizzes ans surveys and memes, though... just change the answers to the answer, eh... But I'm sure you're not this stupid... ARE YOU ?  I hope you're not, after all, you're reading my blog. (Something else, too... Unless you're some kind of emo/goffick and that you have a whole community following you, just don't write poems and stuff like this.  No one read this.  But people do read (fan)fictions ;D)
I think that's all... Oh... one last thing : Stop whining about you not receiving any comments.  This will drive you nowhere. What do you answer to this, anyway ? It's boring an annoying to read. You may write about whatever you want, your life, your fandoms, reviewing cds and stuff... But don't complain about you no-comments.  After all, I maybe have an average of 63 visitors a day, most of my posts will remain without comments forever.  Keep in mind that a lot of people are simply too shy to comment or don't think it worth to comment when all you could say is "lol"... And answering comments is also a good way to look nice (or not) and make new friends (or enemies... if you're some kind of bitch like me~~ =3 But you'd better not bitch much unless you get known or you could be (mis)taken for someone who think their someone else...)
So yeah... With the hope this helped those who needed it~

Love to every single of you, New Vogue Embryos,

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Sophie Cruise ;3,  January 9, 2010 at 7:34 p.m.  

''Stop whining about you not receiving any comments''


Mtn y'a aumoins 62 personnes qui le feront pu XD


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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