Sunday, December 20, 2009

Couldn't there be any kissing scene more awkward than this ?!

Seriously.... the story has a quite good potential but....Wait.... This man is supposed to REALLY look like a woman ?
They could chose someone better than this, there's still some traditionnal theater where no woman is allowed on stage....

If ever there is a remake of this movie, I want Selia to play the man who the french man thinks he's a woman XDDDD

One thing is disturbing me, though........ The french man was probably aaaaaaaaawefully dumb cause.... the (wo)man claimed, years later, that her (well... his...) baby's father was that same french man....
If they actually fucked, HOW THE HELL COULD HE BELIEVE THAT STORY !?!?!??!?!
I mean, when you fuck, usually, you're naked, right ? When you're naked, you can't hide what you have between your legs !
So that mister Gallimard or something was blind.  Or he was just stupid.  Or he knew that this other man was actually a man and just.... followed him in this story, for some reason... To hide that he was actully gay, I presume... That was in the 60's, after all....
But yeah.... I'm sorry to break your dreams, but you can't get pregnant with buttsex, HA.

And I like those comments people left out there on YouTube XDDDD
They're probably more entertaining than the movie itself XDDD

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