Friday, November 20, 2009

They improved.

I remember a time when they.... Actually didn't look this good.
I'd say "You know, when Ai was dressed as a girl and blablabla" But no one knows about this, so let me show you. By the way, Ai = the blonde on in front of that picture.

Like... Now y'know :

I don't know why he tried so long to llok like a girl .___. He doesn't look like a girl at all ._. Oh well....

..... OKAY OLD PICS 8D :

The one with blue eyes..... Which is the same guy than the one on right on this picture :

Recognize him ? 8BB
That was back in 2003-04....

You might recognize him more on the second pic than the first one....
BUT ANYWAY.   No one cares about Deathgaze ANYWAY and if you know about them it's probably cause I actually talked about them.  I hope you remember I once told that Hazuki was Deathgaze's first singer 8BBB
So yeah.... 5-6 years later, he now looks like this ↓

On dirait qui s'gonfle les joue.... LOL.

OH STUPID ME, I could just have said he's on the top of my blog LOL.

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