Saturday, August 08, 2009

One day I'll fly away and leave all this to yesterday.

- Ça glougloutte, ça froufroutte ! Et vous appelez ça un écran radar ?

- Non, j'appelle ça une machine à café, Sir !

Merci à Lea de stalker le blog de Vivienne Sato car maintenant on sait que, parmi tant d'autre, Dada aime les Vocaloids. (Le pire, c'est que c'est un des cosplays de Hatsune Miku les plus cute que j'aie vu xD)

I'm poor. Like with a capital P. Butterflies in my pockets. Almost.

Cutie Honey, now that's pretty cool. It's the first drama that I really watched because it was worthing it.
I want to watch Chakushin Ari (One Missed Call) too. Both drama and movie. The american one too, since I'm curious.

I thought about it and I'll keep my Cruella hair. I like it. It's disturbing people even more than when I had my pink spider hair ♥
Or I'll keep it until classes start again... I still want to try platinum blonde, since it seems like I can reach this, in the end ♥

I've been playing Chrono Trigger relatively a lot, recently. Playing something else than Pokémon and Super Mario World was kinds refreshing. I'm still stucked, though. (I really suck at RPGs XD Still it is that's the only thing I'm not really good at that I actually enjoy doing oO.... I kick most asses on fighting games, though >8D It deliiiiiiiightfull when I beat my brother ° u °)

My nails are growing FAST. I cut them... last week ? And it doesn't even really show, anymore (Well, yess since they were WAY much longer... But... Yeah...)

Tomorrow, I'll probably and finally be able to hold my beloved Ophelia TwT.

I don't really feel like doing anything but hide.

I wish I had an angel someone to kick my ass so I could do something x_x.

I can't wait to move in, this September ! >w<>8D I also like the taste of blood (° v v °) (Vampire smiley attempt : FAILED)

One of the bad guys of Cutie Honey actually gave me another idea for another fiction (maybe not).... Multiple personnality is something I must exploit. Sure I won't exploit it in the same way as it is in Cutie Honey, but that character gave me a basic idea... And my character will be really.... no, REALLY freak. Enough to live two different lives at the same time.... and to the core of it, even if you don't know what I mean.

There's a single dried white rose hung there... Sometimes I feel like putting it at the garbage since it's related to something labelled as wrong and that I'm the only one to think it was right... or Okay, at least... Still it is that it meant.......... and probably still means a lot to me... Even though I think I got over it... Cause even though your wound healed, you still have a scar as a memory of the past...
And I still feel like I lost a precious friend...
For a week or two, I've been thinking about writing her a mail... Have I already told this ? Anyway.... I still can't figure out how to start so that she won't go KKKKKKKKHHHHHHH *cat's spitting* when she'll open it...... If she opens it. I feel like whatever I say, it will be interpreted the wrong way... Or be taken as if I was talking as if I was a poor victim...
I still want to understand... No one ever told me the story !
*sighes* Sometimes I feel like I will never know... She cut the bridge, I don't really think she'll help me recustructing it, even if I can't make it clearer that I just want a FRIEND back.

No one understand me, anyway... And it's my own fault since I don,t let people really know about me.
I say some things, but there's much more I'm simply not able to formulate. Sometimes I feel like my personality should be as easy to understand than everyone else's one. Sometimes I envy people I qualify as stupid because... they don't worry about this kind of stuff... Still it is that I won't ever be able to be like this, it's not me and I just can't be someone else than what I actually am, in opposite of what they are... But does that make sense ?
These kinds of masks aren't for me.

I've been writing for too long without going back to my restaurant, the connexion got lost >_>
Makes me think about the fact that I couldn't save my progress in Pet Society, a few hours ago D8< I'll have to go back and see what haven't been saved. I went to the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France, yesterday. I got a light sunburn on my shoulders... It doesn't hurt, it's just... itchy and warm... Annoying, in some other words.

I want to go back into gothic fashion... o_ô... I really do. I still love retro, though... I'll become a old-school widow >8D
Maybe not. I still want my Marilyn dress badly D8< I still don't know which fabric to choose. And I'm poor.

One more thing. When I'll get money, I'll find a pattern for a rococo dress and I'll change it a bit so I can do my fucking Carmilla cosplay è_é. If everything goes well, I'll have it for Otakuthon of next year and for the Fêtes de la N0uvelle-France... And for the Cosplay de l'Imaginaire. I want to make the hairdo in my reall hair... So it's kinda OBVIOUS that I'll let it grow... But. I don't think I'll have enough with this... I'll probably have to buy some extention and dye them red.... You people won't ever believe what you'll have in front of you >8D It'll be the best Kaya cosplay you'll have ever seen (En même temps c'est pas comme si c'était vraiment dur, avec c'qui à de fait, à date >_>)
I wanted to do a Node of Scherzo outfit too... The red kimono dress... It's kinda despair-like to me =o.... Though... I'm not even sure people on the community will recognize it -___-....
And I want to do a Current or an Artificial Hallucination era cosplay è_é

Talking about cosplays... There's more and more that I want to do. Kaya at least two times, Princess Peach, CyberSix, Dragonair in human version, the same goes for Froslass and Vespiqueen would be interesting too, Jessica Rabbit would suit me as well~
And Kasu told me that she wanted to do a Cutie Honey cosplay and that Matsuro would do Yuki.... if they're still willing to do it when I'll reach the weight that I want, I could do Miki >8D
BTW, Kasu la fille qui fait Miki c'est une idol aussi... Quant à celle qui fait Yuki, ben y'a pas trop d'infos sur elle nulle part @___@ donc ça doit pas être une actrice bien connue.... la seule affaire que j'ai trouvé, c'est qu'elle est née en 90 XD;

Honey, Miki and Yuki

Awwwww... I sent a """friend request""" to Vivienne Sato a few hours ago via Ameba and he just answer saying this : "(^-^)/ Thank you for following ! I'll follow too" *roughly ameliorated google translation* Which means that he'll follow my Ameblo and I think this is pretty funny XDD *accepts the request*

Okay, I'll go to bed... Tomorrow, I'll need to call that crazy stressing woman for that money problem..... The thing is that I'm sure she doesn't even work on Saturday.

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