Friday, August 14, 2009

Heille j,ai fait un poll sur FaceBook.

La question était : Which Versailles guy is your favorite ?

#1 was, obviously, Kamijo.
#2 was Teru (I'd though that HIZAKI would have more fans than him...)
#3 was Hizaki.
#4 was....... Yuki

Which means that the least liked Versailles' guy is Jasmine....

Can you see how hypocritical fans are ?
"Why did he has to die ? He was my faavorite !"

"Couldn't Kamijo die instead of him ?"
"It's bad he died... he was so pretty..."
And it goes on and on....
But still he has less fans than EVEN FUCKING YUKI who is just being Yuki, pretty cool guy, as he showed it in Node of Scherzo... But who have seen NoS ? NO FUCKING ONE.

I hate people.

And of course I voted Jasmine ! è_é

Versailles shouldn't have ever existed.
(But as a session band.)

(I feel almost lucky I have not much haters and that my blog is private LOL)

Aikaryu shouldn't have had their car crash which killed ULI's legs so they wouldn't have to disband.
LAREINE should still be here with the original line-up, which means Kamijo, Emiru, Mayu and Machi (Or, at least, if it's Kazumi instead of Machi, he should still be there doing stuff with Luci'fer Luscious Violenoue ! è_é)
And HIZAKI grace project should have stayed HIZAKI project. It. REALLY. does. Featuring vocal from everyone~ ♥
And Yuki should still be with Sugar Trip.... Yeah.

Like this, everyone would be happy and there would show a little bit less that people are completely STU-PID.

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