Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taken from Kasumi

Take the top 10 artists from your page.
Write down the first song you heard, what song made you love them, and your current favorite song and album.

1. Dir en grey
First: Obscure (It scared me a lot, back in the time XDD)
Loved: Cage
Favorite: Currently, I think I could say it's Vinushka....
Favorite Album : Uroboros, without hesitation, now... A few months ago, I would have hesitated between Uroboros and Vulgar, but now it's clear that Uroboros is on top !

2. Kaya
First: Kaleidoscope
Loved: Kaleidoscope
Favorite: .... Uuuuuh... Hum... Walküre, Kasha, Carmilla, Pourriture Noble, Epicurean, funerary dream and Perverse Rendez-vous ♥
Favorite album: ........ Euh... Let's say GLITTER (2008) cause it's a best of =B

3. Madeth gray’ll (LOL ça tombé que moi aussi c'est ça, Kasu XDDD)
First: I don't remember, seriously ._.
Loved: Luci'fer
Favorite: Luci'fer ♥
Favorite album: I don't know their album either XD

4, Missalina Rei (LOL ben là criss, moi aussi, encore XDD)
First: Don't remember it either....
Loved: Tokimeki, probably...
Favorite: Tokimeki (Usagi Dance Remix)
Favorite album: Don't know their albums either ._.

5. Schwarz Stein
First: Rise to Heaven
Loved: Rise to Heaven
Favorite: New Vogue Children, Last Hallucination and Beautiful the Virgin ♥♥♥ That song is an orgasm *w*
Favorite album: ... I can't chose, seriously... All.

6. Da'vid/Shito:aL
First: I don't remember which song it was but it's THE Da'vid song Kasu sent us which people tend to say that Pietoro has really BAD vocal..... XD
Loved: Seriously, I don't know, I think it's just the fact to listen to this everyday cause I'm living with Kasu more than a specific song....
Favorite: Hum Death Pic-Nic, I'd say....
Favorite album: Aaaah làààà.... As if I should know everyone's albums ! D8

7. Noir Fleurir (ENCORE ESTIE !)
First: I love Miisha or Wir Mascarade... More Wir Mascarade than I love Miisha...
Loved: I love Miisha
Favorite: Both those two songs XD
Favorite album: XP

8. Buck-Tick
First: Gessekai... I really wonder why it was written that it was a SID song, when I got it....
Loved: Romance
Favorite: I think... I'd say... Passion....
Favorite album: 13kai wa gekko

9. Pleur
First: Gomen ne, Noble
Loved: Gomen ne, Noble
Favorite: Gomen ne, Noble, I've got so much originality in my answers XDDD
Favorite album: XP

10. Nine Inch Nails (I love the contrast between Pleur and NIN XDDD)
First: Deep
Loved: Deep
Favorite: Closer and The Hands That Feeds
Favourite album: lalalallaaaaa~

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