Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dear God o_o !! h.Naoto FTW <3

I once again took a look at Closet Child's page.
And I looked what was just in.
And I looked at those not so pretty lolita dresses.
And I kept scrolling down.
And I saw a few unsold h.Naoto skirts.
And I clicked to see if, by any chance, one would fit me.
And there was one !
So I looked at the price and... OMG o_o....6 800 yens ?!
That's cheap o_o ! At least for h.Naoto, it is @_@
Normally it's almost as expensive as Moi-Même-Moitié oO..... (Though, I'd rather buy a $300 h.Naoto dress than a $300 Moitié dress <_<...)
And, most important thing : It was pretty !
Ah yeah, and it wasn't TOO short... I mean, it's short, but if I bent down, you won't see what kind of undies I'm wearing XD;;
So yea... I understood NOTHING to the registration thing (Google was NO help, this time, and Rikaichan's dictionnary was... I don't know ._. Normally it's waaay more usefull than Google, but not this time either, it seems ._.) so I got in touch with them.
And I'm waiting.
I WILL have this skirt *_* !!!
h.Naoto <33333 style="text-align: center;">Front

Left Side


Lovelyyyyyy <333

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